About Us

Our Mission
To promote abundance in:
  • Physical well-being
  • Finances
  • Emotional health
  • Spiritual health
  • Healthy Attitudes
  • Political/Economic Awareness

Increased knowledge:
We strive to provide both understanding and warnings for environmental and personal factors that affect not only our economic lives, but also our personal health and well-being. 

About the Owner:

My name is Ken Howard.  I am a retired businessman and former professor of political science at Emporia State University in Kansas.  

My wife and I took a special interest in promoting natural health and healing in the early 1970's and started what is now a family-run group of five natural food stores in the State of Utah.  We have been active in natural health issues on both the state and federal levels.  I am also a board member of the National Nutritional Foods Association.

I am the author of "The Dynamic Influence of Christianity"; "The Interstate to Understanding the Alternative Health Movement";  "Fluoridation:  The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"; and "The Rise of the Natural Health Movement." (DVD)

My hobbies include activity in practical politics and research in political  science, economics, and religion.  My wife and I have four children and currently reside in Utah.

To learn more about Abundant Living, please visit our website at www.abundantlivinginfo.com.