11) Fluoridated Tap Water. It has many poisons added to it by our leaders. Fluorosilicic acid, the toxic waste used to "fluoridate" municipal water, contains 23% sodium fluoride (the only active ingredient in RAT POISON), lead, mercury, arsenic, barium, cadmium and polonium. The last 3 are known "radioactive" carcinogens. Chemtrails also add another dose of barium and aluminum. Drink only spring water and pray it really comes from a natural spring and hasn't been poisoned by our enemy, our leaders.

The Zionist banksters' favorite joke:

"It never ceases to amaze me that the invading horde of rats perpetually pays us extortionist's rates to perpetually poison their drinking water with sodium fluoride, which IS rat poison."

Email al.smith@majorityvoice.org for your free copy of "The Fluoride Nightmare," a five minute, concise but comprehensive speech to educate your city council on the horrors of water fluoridation which will prove to be one of the banksters' worst crimes against Humanity.