Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Videos from FAN--Fluoride Action Network--with Hollywood's Ed Begley, Jr.

April 19, 2013

In FAN’s continuing series on new tools to educate the general public (see our previous bulletins on Michael Connett’s 20 minute video “Ten Facts About Fluoride” and supporting brochure, as well as Dr. Mercola’s 4-minute animated video), we are excited to bring to you two public service announcements (PSAs) we have made with film and TV star Ed Begley Jr:

Ed has long been known for both his acting skills and his commitment to a healthy environment. He was the star attraction in the hit TV series, “Living with Ed” which showed how one could put "green" principles into daily life. His work has earned him a number of awards from some of the most prestigious environmental groups in the nation, including the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Heal the Bay, and the Coalition for Clean Air.
It is not surprising that someone so committed to the environment is appalled at the use of contaminated waste products from the phosphate fertilizer industry to fluoridate the public water supply. In his PSAs, Ed makes it clear that he is opposed to water fluoridation for numerous reasons, including the fact that many studies have linked fluoride with reduced IQ.
Paul Connett has known Ed for several years having first met him at an environmental conference in Louisiana. About two years ago he presented Ed with a copy of the book he co-authored, The Case Against Fluoride and so Ed has more than a casual relationship with the details of this issue.
FAN is both honored and grateful to Ed Begley for taking the time out from his busy career to make these PSAs for us. Let's work together to spread Ed's message; please share far and wide!
Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager


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