Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Fluoride Action Network is announcing the start of a series of short bulletins that will each showcase new campaign tools that can be used in the fight against fluoridation at all levels--local, state, and national. Rather then overwhelm you with one bulletin containing all of the links, tools, and downloadables, we will instead release these tools incrementally over the coming days and weeks -- so stay tuned!

The first tool is a new video released by FAN only yesterday.  The video presents 10 vital facts about fluoride that help to explain why so many communities throughout North America and beyond are deciding to end their fluoridation programs.  It was written and produced by FAN's Special Projects Director, Michael Connett, JD.  This video is an easy introduction to the issue of water fluoridation and the arguments against the practice, and is clearly an invaluable tool in the process of educating everyone about the need to end fluoridation:     
Click on photo to watch video
The video is accompanied by the "10 Facts About Fluoride" handout that includes a written overview of the issues discussed in the video, along with graphics and references.
Please help educate others about the dangers of water fluoridation by sharing this video and handout on your social media sites (Facebook / Twitter / Youtube) and blogs.  You can email it quickly to your friends, family, community leaders, and elected officials using FAN's tell-a-friend technology.  The video is also a great way to kick off a fluoride-free campaign meeting, and could be played on your local public access TV channel if you submit it.  Get creative, and help FAN share this video and handout far and wide on social media, in emails, and on public access television!  

Also, don't miss Michael Connett's recent TV appearance on WPSU in Pennsylvania as part of a panel discussion on water fluoridation.  The panel also included Michal Meyer, Ph.D. of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, and Craig Collison, MD.   
Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager 

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