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FDA Has Never Approved Fluoride

History of Medicine Fact #8: U.S. water fluoridation began in 1945 and continues today, despite the fact that the FDA has never approved it
Sunday, June 24, 2012 by: S. D. Wells

"The year before water fluoridation began in the United States, the entire dental profession recognized that fluoride was detrimental to dental health. In fact, in 1944 the Journal of the American Dental Association reported that using between 1.6 and 4 ppm (parts per million) fluoride in water would cause 50% of adults to need false teeth. On top of that, the world's largest study looked at 400,000 students, revealing that tooth decay increased in over 25% with just 1ppm fluoride in drinking water. (

"One part of the hoax, "fluoride helps with tooth formation," was removed from the "American Fluoride Campaign" early on. Realizing this might expose the entire campaign as fraudulent, the FDA and CDC simply removed that language, but kept the masses believing that fluoride keeps dental cavities at bay.

"Over 70% of America still clings to the multi-faceted myth

"Research proves that fluoride is an extremely neurotoxic chemical which interrupts basic functions of nerve cells in the brain and can lead to Alzheimer's, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), infertility, birth defects, diabetes, cancer and lowered IQ. The aluminum "tricks" the blood-brain barrier and allows chemical access to brain tissue..."

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Report on Fluoride by Global Research.CA

Poison is Treatment: The Campaign to Fluoridate America

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More Videos - Fluoride

Holistic Dentist, Dr. P. Vernon Erwin, DDS, in California posts this fluoride interview on his website blog between Dr. Paul Connett and Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Poisonous Sodium Fluoride is Toxic 1963 Project about Water Fluoridation Effects

Video - Fluoride Interviews, 1990

"Dr. A.L.Miller, who was also the Chairman of the Special Committee on Chemicals and Foods, comments on the fact that within 3 months the USPHS, who did not endorse fluoridation of public water supplies, suddenly reversed course and promoted it very heavily. Dr. Miller said he could not find any public evidence that the AMA, the ADA and other health agencies had done any work at all on researching the safety, but were in fact just endorsing each other's opinions in support of the program. Congressman Miller noted that all scientific experts in biochemistry had advised the "go-slow" sign relative to fluoridation of public water. Dr. Miller expressed the fact that he wondered whether or not ALCOA and its subsidiary companies might not have a deep interest in getting rid of waste products from the making of aluminum.

"Dr. Miller also stated that it was interesting to note that Oscar R Ewing (Harvard Law Degree - not a Doctor or Scientist), who headed up the Federal Security Administration (at the time the parent organization for the U.S. Public Health Service) was connected with the legal firm of Hubbard, Hill and Ewin, who also represent ALCOA.

"[Later, dentists who opposed administration of toxic fluorides to patients were censured or lost their membership to the ADA (beginning around 1960); scientists who came out with evidence of fluoride's dangerous nature were personally and publicly denegrated by the ADA and USPHS, and the research (often far better and more rigourous) was portrayed by the ADA and USPHS as being faulty or irrelevant; those who opposed fluoride could not get or keep USPHS grants; public health officials who disagreed lost their jobs.

"Meanwhile, the ADA, USPHS and fluoride producing industry continued in the conspiracy to defraud the public by claiming fluoridation was 'absolutely safe.' It is estimated that since the time fluorides have been added to the food, water and air in the early 20th century, over 130 million Americans have suffered chronic fluoride poisoning, accelerated aging and degenerative disease - all due to fluoride products which they are encouraged to consume."  (Previous is a quote from video website)

Towards the end of this video interview, Dr. Dean Burk, Ph.D., 34 years at the National Cancer Institute, with 50 years of cancer research, is shown with his cancer research in hand, showing their study of 10 fluoridated cities vs. 10 non-fluoridated cities, and that the cancer rate went up in the fluoridated cities "within 1 to 2 to 5 years" after fluoridation...and that fluoridating the water is a "public crime" because it is "public murder," that fluoride does cause cancer!!!! -- A MUST SEE!!! 

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Latest "Big Lie" Technique on Fluoride Exposed!

Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation
June 18th, 2012 -- Ethan A. Huff

It seems as though every time an American town or city drops the added fluoride chemicals from its water supply, the dinosaur media comes out with its usual talking points about how water fluoridation is one of the greatest public health interventions ever granted by the government to its minions, and that without added fluoride chemicals, everyone’s teeth would rot right out of their heads.

These are just a few of the many deluded and outdated lies that get repeated over and over, ad nauseam, every time a community dares to challenge the prevailing fluoride dogma of the day — and these are lies that, fortunately, many people are learning to simply disregard. But one of the more sneaky lies now getting repeated is the one which implies that added fluoride chemicals are no different than the naturally occurring fluoride elements already present in many water supplies.

In a recent piece published at, for instance, which reads more like an epitaph, the Associated Press (AP) bemoans the fact that Pevely, Missouri, a local community near St. Louis, has decided to stop adding fluoride to its water supply in order to conserve much-needed funds. And in memorializing the great loss of its beloved fluoride in Pevely, the AP makes false insinuations that added fluoride chemicals are exactly the same as naturally occurring fluoride minerals.

After commenting about how fluoride minerals are naturally present in water supplies throughout the St. Louis area, the unidentified AP writer explains how these levels are not “optimal.” He or she then goes on to say that cities that fluoridate their water supplies are simply topping off fluoride levels to reach this so-called “optimal” range, making no differentiation between natural fluoride and chemical fluorides like hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium hexafluorosilicate.

Added fluoride is a toxic poison often loaded with arsenic, mercury, and other toxins.

Last year, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, put together a short video entitled The Fluoride Deception that explains where fluoride chemicals actually come from, and why they are different from naturally occurring fluoride. Many people were surprised to learn that fluoride chemicals are nothing but toxic waste byproducts of aluminum and fertilizer production, and often contain arsenic, mercury, and other toxic chemicals.

But the AP utterly fails to make this distinction, and deliberately attempts to trick readers into thinking that the fluoride chemicals added to water are the same as naturally occurring fluoride minerals. This is becoming a common deception tactic as an increasing number of communities abandon fluoride, and one that the natural health community must address head-on when dealing with pro-fluoride fanatics who simply regurgitate what the health “authorities” are telling them.

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has a wealth of information about fluoride, including its many health consequences ( Oddly enough, fluoride ingestion is linked to causing tooth decay, not preventing it. Fluoride has also been found to destroy bones and vital organs, and is now linked to the current epidemic of thyroid disorders since it displaces iodine in this important gland.

“There’s no dispute that too much fluoride damages teeth, actually making them more decay-prone,” says Paul Beeber, a lawyer and President of the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation. A 2007 study cited by Beeber’s group explains that, “In most European countries, where [water fluoridation] has never been adopted, a substantial decline [75 percent] in caries (cavities) prevalence has been reported in the last decades.”

Sources for this article include:

HERE IT IS!!! Analysis of the Pro-Fluoride Studies!!

First, a Letter to the Mayor in Everett, Washington from a medical doctor, who gives the history that started the pro-fluoride "movement" and a brief summary regarding the muchly-quoted 128 studies that "prove" fluoride is "safe and effective."  Notice the timeline and money trail given in this summary:




David W. John, MD

June 6th, 2012

The medical doctor in the above Letter states at the end that, "For more detail read 128 Studies Supporting Fluoridation."  THESE are the studies that the Pro-Fluoride always are quoting, BUT, way back in 1990, there was an analysis with legal credibility, done on all 128 studies, and below is the article that gives the details on all 128 of them---read the whole thing for yourself and you won't be fooled ever again by those who continue to quote what they're told to quote:

Lead, Arsenic, Hydrogen Fluoride, Silicofluoride in Drinking Water

by James Robert Deal, Attorney
128 Studies Supporting Fluoridation

April 2nd, 2012

Sutton PRN, The Failure of Fluoridation (editorial), Fluoride, 1990 January, 23:1, 1-4.

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New Video - U.S. & Canadian Reaction to Fluoride in Drinking Water

The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary
June 12 2012

See new video here:

"Story at-a-glance: Many U.S. and Canadian residents are unaware that fluoride is added to their drinking water supplies, and if they are aware they wrongly assume it is safe. There is an abundance of information available on the devastating health effects of fluoride, including damage to soft tissues (brain, kidneys, and endocrine system), as well as teeth (dental fluorosis) and bones (skeletal fluorosis). Systemic fluoride has not been shown to reduce cavities or tooth decay to any significant degree. Fluoridating water is reckless, as you cannot control the dose ingested, or who receives it, and there’s no medical supervision. Water fluoridation clearly violates the medical ethical principle of informed consent."

Could not embed the above video to this blog, so please use the above web link to view this new video approach of street interviews with people about fluoride in their drinking water.  It's about 21 minutes long, and includes both citizens from the USA and from Canada.  Let us know what you think of the video.

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New Hampshire FIRST on Fluoride Warning!!

On August 4th, 2012, the state of New Hampshire will become the first state to require fluoridating communities to warn their citizens about the fluorosis risk the additive poses to infants.

(  See below weblink for same report from "Wall Street Journal"

This past week, Governor John Lynch signed HB1416, "an act relative to a required fluoride statement." The law will require the following notice on all consumer confidence reports, which must be mailed to all water consumers, be posted online, and available at city halls:
"Your public water supply is fluoridated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if your child under the age of 6 months is exclusively consuming infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water, there may be an increased chance of dental fluorosis. Consult your child's health care provider for more information."

This new law is a proactive approach to reducing NH fluorosis rates by notifying parents about the risk posed to their infants by fluoridated water...This marks a point when the State of New Hampshire has officially recognized that fluoridated water poses a risk to NH infants; a risk backed up by countless studies and a growing fluorosis epidemic that afflicts 41% of U.S. adolescents.

Even with this strong opposition from the well-financed dental lobby, the bill was still passed by the NH House by a vote of 253-23, and passed unanimously by the NH Senate. HB-1416 was also signed quickly by Governor John Lynch, rather than being approved without his signature, showing his strong support for this action.

Recently at the state level, two bills were introduced in NH calling for a prohibition of well as Illinois and Tennessee.  Vermont and Florida's attempts to mandate fluoridation has died, and New Jersey's attempt has stalled.

4 cities just recently voted fluoridation out of their city's drinking water, and they are:  Pevely, Missouri (to save the city money)--Bassett, Nebraska (population of 636 voted it out at county elections)--Churchill, Manitoba (Canada) [town council voted it out after petition signed by citizens]--Argos, Indiana (town council voted it out on bidding of the city's water superintendent worried about health risks and city expenses).

Other cities with upcoming fluoride hearings, or city committee studying the issue, are:  New York City, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Sante Fe, and Anchorage.


press release

June 20, 2012, 8:56 a.m. EDT

New Hampshire Passes First State-Wide Fluoride Warning Law

"...The bill was introduced by Rep. Anne Cartwright (R-Alstead), and had four co-sponsors... Fluoridated water contains 100-200 times more fluoride than breast milk. And all infant formula already contains some fluoride...The Centers for Disease Control reports that 41% of 12-15 year-olds are affected with fluoride overdose symptoms - dental fluorosis, white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth - from over-ingesting fluoride while their teeth were forming...

"The scientific literature has been reporting for over a decade that mixing infant formula with fluoridated water is linked to dental fluorosis. And many government, health and dental agencies now advise against mixing fluoridated water and infant formula. But New Hampshire is the first state to require warnings on annual water reports... (emphasis added)

(Dr. Paul Connett, FAN's Executive Director, former university chemist) "Connett says, 'We are proud of New Hampshire legislators for taking this bold step. Fluoridation is a political issue and most legislators shy away from notifying constituents of any scientifically-verified negative effects from fluoride for fear of offending the dental lobby.'"

"Connett (also) says, 'We hope this gives legislators the courage to stop fluoridation entirely because several studies from China show even modest exposure to fluoride is associated with lower IQ. Fluoride promoters can provide no evidence that efforts are being made to either refute or repeat these studies in the U.S.'" 

Whaaaat? CDC has no evidence fluoride benefits infants?

June 15, 2012:  "(NaturalNews) In a letter to California senator Barbara Boxer the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director Thomas Frieden responded to questions about fluoride and infants. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1997 set the adequate amount of fluoride for infants 0 to 6 months of age at .01 milligrams per day, which is the amount of fluoride found in breast milk. The CDC was asked if more fluoride than the adequate amount was beneficial. CDC director Frieden wrote 'We are unaware of data that directly answers your questions about the additional protection from tooth decay that could result from greater daily fluoride intake by infants, 0-6 months of age.' In other words, there is no scientific evidence that dosing babies with lots of fluoride has any benefit at all. "
Also, see the video of Dr. Stan Monteith on the same website page:
The Hidden Agenda -The Fluoride Deception -Dr. Stanley Moneith 1/3

Learn more:

Video > Evidence that Fluoride Causes Cancer (April 14, 2012)

Top Scientist: Fluoride Already Shown to Cause 10,000 Cancer Deaths

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Excellent Editorial Against Fluoride with Great Reference Citations

Online article in Arkansas:

Editorial - Fluoridation is treasonous

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"This is a response to the letter sent by the Arkansas Department of Health "experts" published in the Citizen, May 3.

In their letter, ADH "experts" stated, "experts around the world have provided strong evidence that water fluoridation is both safe and effective. There is no link between community water fluoridation and any harmful health problem ... fluoride is a natural element found in rocks, soil, fresh water and the ocean."

For the average person, fluoride is fluoride. But the above "highly educated experts" confuse calcium fluoride which is good for bones, teeth, and found in nature, with sodium fluoride, an EPA regulated hazardous waste byproduct from the aluminum smelting industry that was found to increase suggestibility and mild retardation, as well as weakening the immune system when administered in small doses to humans over time...

"If the governor or the Congress continues to force this poisoning on citizens after being given this public notice, they are knowingly committing an act of treason, an attempted genocide of the citizenry, and should be lawfully and permanently removed from office." 

How a Dentist Changed His Mind About Fluoride

How Dr. Osmunson Changed His Mind About Fluoridation
June 6th, 2012

This is a letter to the public from Dr. Osmunson, DDS, on the step-by-step journey he took from promoting fluoride for 25 years to writing a letter to the HHS and CDC about removing fluoride from the drinking water, and declaring it as the drug that it is.  He shows how fluoride is helpful in some cases, and over-dosed in other cases.

"For greater detail read my April 25, 2011, submission to HHS and CDC.  (web link to his submission is here):

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Videos on Fluoride Updates

KSDK NEWS Video > Pevely, Missouri cuts fluoride out of water to save money
Times are tight in Pevely, Missouri. The Jefferson County town needs to save money, so city leaders agreed to stop buying fluoride for the water supply, saving the city $10,000 annually. 

As usual, pro-fluoride has come out to condemn this action--giving the same litany about the poor and the children will now have to pay $65,000 annually now for dental work just because the city will no longer be paying the $10,000 for fluoride. The city needs to be commended for seeking ways to cut its budget, and choosing not to pay any more tax dollars for hydrofluorosilicic acid is the best display of intelligence they could give the city instead of buying into the continued paid-for propaganda! What do you think??

3-part Video below is another good documentary on fluoride: Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation

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EPA finally doing some of the NRC's recommendations

How to fight water fluoridation in your city
Wednesday, June 06, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Gives examples of success in Fairbanks and Juneau, Alaska.  Plus other valuable success tips from the commenters at the bottom of the article.  The 5th commenter's experience and suggestions for fighting fluoride in both the USA and Canada gives valuable laws in both countries that need to be followed to be successful ("...don't waste time and money with those who do not have the power or authority or desire to listen to the facts..."), and gives her website called "Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation"

Article also includes references to EPA website (home: ) that admits health effects by fluoride, indicates that adding fluoride is voluntary, and also gives update on NRC's 2006 recommendations (lowered level ppm), with reference to more being done soon on the NRC's recommendations:

Also, EPA gives chart of water contaminants here, which includes fluoride:

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Great Fluoride Debate - Canadian Paper!

June 5, 2012 >  Letter to the Editor of "Lethbridge Herald" >

Fluoridation was a mistake that needs to be corrected

The writer was adding their 2 cents worth to the debate, questioning the need for the fluoride poison being in their drinking water when it also gets on their garden vegetables.  The writer quoted a study about it causing  hypothyroidism.

Comments below it started out mocking the writer.  I began quoting scientific studies to them, including one that backed up what the writer had mentioned with hypothyroidism, and the attack turned on me, BUT they began to provide studies of their own to back up their statements, so now we're in a real "debate" - Come join the fun! :-)))

Monday, June 4, 2012

TV Debate on Fluoride!! (in Australia)

Student's political debate TV pilot
4th June 2012
(picture of Alex Lewers, and article has more details)

Fluoride hits TV screens
4th June 2012

"GRAB your popcorn, public forum lovers - four Northern Rivers mayors will soon be debating the merits of water fluoridation in a public Q&A style television pilot at Southern Cross University.

"Project founder Alex Lewers says the pilot aims to invigorate politics with a depth and substance lacking in the age of soundbites and slogans.

"It's about getting leaders to engage in less shouting and spin, and more actual debate," said the SCU Bachelor of Media Arts honours student.

"He wants to rekindle the media's traditional function as a political watchdog.

"Research shows the media doesn't spend enough time looking at issues."

"As a result, Australians are voting for representatives whose views aren't always clear to voters in their electorates."

"Water fluoridation remains a hot issue in the Northern Rivers despite tenacious campaigner Al Oshlack's recently overturned appeal to stop Rous Water introducing fluoride to local drinking water.

"Only Byron Shire Council remains opposed to fluoridation.

"Each mayor will have three minutes to outline their stance on the contentious issue before questions from the live studio audience."


The Fourth Estate: A TV pilot debate

Where: SCU Lismore's ONE29 studio.

When: June 25, 5-7pm

Subject: 'Is water fluoridation the best method of preventing oral health problems in the Northern Rivers?'

To book: Contact Alex Lewers at, giving your name, position on the issue (for, against, uncommitted), age and local government area (Ballina, Lismore, etc).

New ADA study confirms danger of fluoride

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ADA Study Confirms Dangers of Fluoridated Water

A new study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association confirms fluoride as a toxic substance that actually destroys teeth, particularly those of developing young children and babies.

Natural News reports:
When people are exposed to excessive levels of fluoride through sources like drinking water, foods and beverages and even swallowed toothpaste, it often results in a condition known as dental fluorosis. The internal uptake of fluoride into teeth over time causes their enamel to become mottled and discolored, the end result being damaged teeth that have essentially rotted from the inside out.

Dr. Steven Levy, D.D.S., and his team found during their study that "fluoride intakes during each of the first four years (of a child's life) were individually significantly related to fluorosis on maxillary central incisors, with the first year more important." They went on to warn that "infant formulas reconstituted with higher fluoride water can provide 100 to 200 times more fluoride than breast milk, or cow's milk."

Of course, if you would have been reading Murray Rothbard, you would have known about the fluoride scam decades ago. He was warning us all in 1993!

And Rothbard nailed what was behind the push to put fluoride in the water.
There is an instructive lesson in this little saga, a lesson how and why the Welfare State came to America. It came as an alliance of three major forces: ideological social democrats, ambitious technocratic bureaucrats, and Big Businessmen seeking privileges from the State. In the fluoridation saga, we might call the whole process "ALCOA-socialism." The Welfare State redounds to the welfare not of most of society but of these particular venal and exploitative groups.


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More Cities Looking @ Fluoridation

FOX-6 News Video:  News conferences held to debate safety of water fluoridation (in Milwaukee)
May 31, 2012:   Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl is adamant that fluoridation in Milwaukee’s drinking water is a bad thing. Bohl held a news conference Thursday at Milwaukee’s City Hall with experts, to champion his point...Those in favor of fluoridation also held a news conference Thursday at City Hall...Bohl introduced his resolution to end fluoridation and create an oral health program for medically-underserved children, with the $540,000 the city would have spent on fluoridation...The debate resumed at the meeting over what’s best for Milwaukee’s water system, and for the 15 other communities that utilize it..."
May 22, 2012:  Video of Sacramento Budget Hearing about Fluoridation by Residents
May 30, 2012:  New campaigns to focus on Wichita water fluoridation
"Educational campaigns on fluoridiation start this week from the Kansas Health Foundation and the group Wichitans for Healthy Teeth. The health foundation says Wichita is the fourth largest city in the country without fluoridated water...The foundation's campaign will include TV and radio ads, billboards and social media outreach. Coen (CEO of Kansas Health Foundation) says its focus will be for people to understand that fluoride is a safe and natural way to prevent tooth decay..."We have communities in Kansas that actually do have naturally fluoridated water, communities like Dodge City, Scott City and Colby," said Coen. "It is a natural element that occurs in water.'" (Sidebar Note by Ken:  Coen stated that Wichita has fluoride in its water, "naturally," but it's only .33 ppm, and they want to add more fluoride to Wichita has a natural mineral fluorine, but now they want to add a hazardous waste by-product to it and tell the folks it's "a safe and natural way to prevent tooth decay."--does that make any logical sense??)
May 31, 2012:  Fluoridation overdue  (in Wichita Kansas)
"Local voters rejected water fluoridation in 1964 and 1978, and elected officials variously have treated it with disdain or indifference ever since – as if they could ignore it and make it go away.
"This time the advocates themselves are too formidable to ignore: the Kansas Health Foundation, which is launching a website ( and ad campaign, and a new group dubbed Wichitans for Healthy Teeth ( that has the Wichita District Dental Society, the Medical Society of Sedgwick County and a total of 368 local dentists, physicians and other medical professionals behind it. The latter group is seeking grant money to offset the modest infrastructure costs of water fluoridation for Wichita – and to counter arguments that it would be too costly..."
May 31, 2012:  "The Irish Times - (New) Report prompts councils to call for public review of water fluoridation (in Ireland)
"...360-page report, (locally, a) Bandon-based environmental auditor Declan Waugh found that babies fed with formula mixed with fluoridated water were at particular risk. “No child under the age of three should be exposed to fluoride,” he said. “They don’t even have teeth."  *****SIDEBAR NOTE added by KEN:  "," June 2, 2012 - posted "Corrections & Clarifications" as saying that Declan Waugh was "wrongly quoted" when reporting that he'd said, "They don't even have teeth."  I guess that means he never said that part of it, since they don't give any other quote from him to replace it with.  Here's their link to the correction: 

"The Risk Assessment of Water Fluoridation report says fluoride is a known risk factor in a series of health problems particularly prevalent in Ireland, including neurological and cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and skeletal muscular disorders.

"Ireland is the only EU member state with a legislative policy to add fluoride to the water supply. “The incidence of these diseases in Ireland is far above the global average,” Mr Waugh added.

Ireland has twice the global average of osteoporosis, one of the highest levels in the world of childhood epilepsy and certain type of cancers associated with the digestive tract, including cancer of the liver, kidney, stomach and intestinal cancer.”

"Bandon and Kinsale town councils have agreed to ask the Minister for Health to review water fluoridation immediately.

"Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan said last November that he “trusted the processes in place.'"

Read more here: