Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great Fluoride Debate - Canadian Paper!

June 5, 2012 >  Letter to the Editor of "Lethbridge Herald" >

Fluoridation was a mistake that needs to be corrected

The writer was adding their 2 cents worth to the debate, questioning the need for the fluoride poison being in their drinking water when it also gets on their garden vegetables.  The writer quoted a study about it causing  hypothyroidism.

Comments below it started out mocking the writer.  I began quoting scientific studies to them, including one that backed up what the writer had mentioned with hypothyroidism, and the attack turned on me, BUT they began to provide studies of their own to back up their statements, so now we're in a real "debate" - Come join the fun! :-)))

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  1. I notice that you have not responded to the debate about fluoridation and atherosclerosis. That seems like a really serious health problem you brought up in your last point.