Friday, June 1, 2012

More Cities Looking @ Fluoridation

FOX-6 News Video:  News conferences held to debate safety of water fluoridation (in Milwaukee)
May 31, 2012:   Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl is adamant that fluoridation in Milwaukee’s drinking water is a bad thing. Bohl held a news conference Thursday at Milwaukee’s City Hall with experts, to champion his point...Those in favor of fluoridation also held a news conference Thursday at City Hall...Bohl introduced his resolution to end fluoridation and create an oral health program for medically-underserved children, with the $540,000 the city would have spent on fluoridation...The debate resumed at the meeting over what’s best for Milwaukee’s water system, and for the 15 other communities that utilize it..."
May 22, 2012:  Video of Sacramento Budget Hearing about Fluoridation by Residents
May 30, 2012:  New campaigns to focus on Wichita water fluoridation
"Educational campaigns on fluoridiation start this week from the Kansas Health Foundation and the group Wichitans for Healthy Teeth. The health foundation says Wichita is the fourth largest city in the country without fluoridated water...The foundation's campaign will include TV and radio ads, billboards and social media outreach. Coen (CEO of Kansas Health Foundation) says its focus will be for people to understand that fluoride is a safe and natural way to prevent tooth decay..."We have communities in Kansas that actually do have naturally fluoridated water, communities like Dodge City, Scott City and Colby," said Coen. "It is a natural element that occurs in water.'" (Sidebar Note by Ken:  Coen stated that Wichita has fluoride in its water, "naturally," but it's only .33 ppm, and they want to add more fluoride to Wichita has a natural mineral fluorine, but now they want to add a hazardous waste by-product to it and tell the folks it's "a safe and natural way to prevent tooth decay."--does that make any logical sense??)
May 31, 2012:  Fluoridation overdue  (in Wichita Kansas)
"Local voters rejected water fluoridation in 1964 and 1978, and elected officials variously have treated it with disdain or indifference ever since – as if they could ignore it and make it go away.
"This time the advocates themselves are too formidable to ignore: the Kansas Health Foundation, which is launching a website ( and ad campaign, and a new group dubbed Wichitans for Healthy Teeth ( that has the Wichita District Dental Society, the Medical Society of Sedgwick County and a total of 368 local dentists, physicians and other medical professionals behind it. The latter group is seeking grant money to offset the modest infrastructure costs of water fluoridation for Wichita – and to counter arguments that it would be too costly..."
May 31, 2012:  "The Irish Times - (New) Report prompts councils to call for public review of water fluoridation (in Ireland)
"...360-page report, (locally, a) Bandon-based environmental auditor Declan Waugh found that babies fed with formula mixed with fluoridated water were at particular risk. “No child under the age of three should be exposed to fluoride,” he said. “They don’t even have teeth."  *****SIDEBAR NOTE added by KEN:  "," June 2, 2012 - posted "Corrections & Clarifications" as saying that Declan Waugh was "wrongly quoted" when reporting that he'd said, "They don't even have teeth."  I guess that means he never said that part of it, since they don't give any other quote from him to replace it with.  Here's their link to the correction: 

"The Risk Assessment of Water Fluoridation report says fluoride is a known risk factor in a series of health problems particularly prevalent in Ireland, including neurological and cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and skeletal muscular disorders.

"Ireland is the only EU member state with a legislative policy to add fluoride to the water supply. “The incidence of these diseases in Ireland is far above the global average,” Mr Waugh added.

Ireland has twice the global average of osteoporosis, one of the highest levels in the world of childhood epilepsy and certain type of cancers associated with the digestive tract, including cancer of the liver, kidney, stomach and intestinal cancer.”

"Bandon and Kinsale town councils have agreed to ask the Minister for Health to review water fluoridation immediately.

"Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan said last November that he “trusted the processes in place.'"

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