Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Portland Oregon Fluoride Vote in May - Here's 2 media updates - First, "somebody stole" the pro-fluoride facebook page (nobody ever thinks maybe that "somebody" could've been on the pro-side, it's just automatically assumed the anti-fluoride side did it, because they like to demonize themselves so that nobody will listen to the anti-side) After all, as one poster ("nyscof") says, the ADA started a website with the name of "" to confuse people away from the Dr. Paul Connett's "" website - and Second, A-hah! the # of argument-pages inside the yes-and-no-fluoride campaign pamphlets, as per the Portland, Oregon "Williamette Week," with arguments for and against, it looks like the against-fluoride side has more scientific evidence pages to prove their point! Finally TRUTH is overriding the pro-propaganda, flawed, distorted side!

(bold text is from the original articles)

Murmurs: Fluoride Foes Love Their Reflection in the Water
February 6th, 2013/Wednesday, April 03

  • Flummoxed by the fluoridation fight? Fluoridation opponents are adding to the confusion. The campaign to pass city ballot Measure 26-151 in May, which would authorize fluoridating the drinking water from Portland’s reservoirs, is called “Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland.” It debuted its Facebook page four weeks ago. But on Jan. 28, fluoridation opponents launched a decoy Facebook page titled “Healthy Portland, Healthy Kids” that features posts linking fluoride and cancer. Evyn Mitchell, campaign manager for Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland (that’s the “yes” side, for those keeping score at home), is not amused. “This is standard operating procedure for the group that opposes fluoridation—confuse, manipulate and mislead,” Mitchell says. Clean Water Portland executive director Kimberly Kaminski (for the opponents) says her group didn’t create the Facebook page. “We’ll try to get them to take it down,” she says, “once we find out who did it.[Update: The parody page is now down.]
Murmurs: News that Grants You Total Consciousness
April 3rd, 2013 WW Editorial Staff

  • The fluoride battle this week produced a phone-book-sized collection of voters pamphlet statements, with 46 pages of arguments for fluoridation and a whopping 85 against. Most supporting arguments came from the pro-fluoride campaign, Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland. But a wide variety of prominent opponents produced their own: the Sierra Club, Columbia Riverkeeper, Cascade Policy Institute, Ralph Nader, trial lawyer Greg Kafoury and Mike Lindberg, who served 17 years as a Portland city commissioner, but who writes his health troubles have soured him on fluoride. “Our existing environment already contains thousands of chemicals that can affect our health,” Lindberg writes. “We can’t take the risk of adding another.”

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