Thursday, April 18, 2013

FLUORIDE UPDATES in PORTLAND - Money Report, FAN Report, & Portland Video

Pro-fluoride campaign scores massive donation: Portland City Hall roundup

April 17, 2013

NO_FLUORIDE_CITY_20684295.JPG The group hoping to persuade Portlanders to vote yes on a measure to fluoridate the city's water has reported a huge campaign donation.

State campaign finance records show that the Northwest Health Foundation made a $165,920 donation to the pro-fluoridation campaign...Meanwhile, Clean Water Portland, the group hoping to persuade Portlanders to reject fluoridation, is facing an uphill battle in terms of fundraising efforts. Their largest donations are a pair of $10,000 contributions from one family.
In terms of cash on hand, Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland is currently reporting a balance of $130,000 while Clean Water Portland says it has $45,000.

Portland. The Battle For Bull Run: Fighting Against Fluoridation

[Sidebar: article has pictures of anti-fluoride fundraiser concerts]

Fluoridation and the Environment (high resolution video made for Portland's May vote)

The other mistake was that they didn't tag the salmon with PIT tags, but with magnetic tags.
  •  Howard Patterson
    Fish biologist Dr. Jeff Fryer was kind enough to send a couple of corrections; had I been in less of a hurry, I would have sent it past him for review before posting.
    Most important, at 9:10 I said at 0.2 ppm salmon didn't refuse to choose any more than the control fish: in fact, 54% failed to make a choice, significantly more than the controls. So, while D & D proposed 0.2 ppm as a max threshold, in fact there is still harm at that level - so dilution below .2 doesn't necessarily make it safe.  [SIDEBAR:  Comments posted below the video on the above weblink offer more Portland info]

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