Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Fluoridegate" Video by Dr. David Kennedy - being promoted on another health organization

A dangerous chemical the EPA is hiding from you

April 22, 2013 by Jonathan Landsman 

(NaturalHealth365) Imagine drinking a dangerous chemical in your water and your government does nothing to protect you. In the United States, that’s exactly what happens to millions of people – every day.
For years, scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have warned about the dangers of fluoride being added to public drinking water. Fluoride increases your absorption of other toxins like, lead; lowers I.Q. and helps to destroy the teeth. Yet, the evidence is clear, the leaders of the EPA have ignored (good) science which warns against the use of fluoride in our water supply.
Back in 1990, William Marcus, Ph.D., a senior science advisor within the EPA called for an investigation on fluoride and its potential for causing cancer in human beings. He was fired from his job – even though his credentials and longstanding career were impeccable. Dr. Marcus was the EPA’s senior (board-certified) toxicologist – a virtual guru when it comes to giving scientific advice.
Make no mistake about it – allowing fluoride into the water supply is a crime against humanity! The EPA has destroyed valuable evidence about the dangers of fluoride; harassed reputable scientists and obstructed justice – repeatedly. In fact, there is clear cut evidence that the EPA has no regard for human health.
The American Dental Association (ADA), National Academy of Sciences, American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics – all agree that the dose of fluoride a baby receives in fluoridated tap water formula exceeds the amount known to cause harm. So why is this allowed?
Learn about the dangers of fluoride and how we can stop it! My good friend and NaturalNews Inner Circle contributor, Dr. David Kennedy has created a documentary that every health conscious individual needs to watch. I urge you to watch the video below and (please) share it with every person that you love.

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