Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Concerns of Fluoride Finally Exposed

More coming from Arkansas after the statewide, mandated fluoride by their state legislature last year.

A licensed operator of a county water treatment is taking up the fight against fluoride, giving details on how badly fluoride, mixed with other chemicals in the water, leaches the lead from the old water pipes in all cities.  To quote him:  "...experience in other areas of the country with aging infrastructure has shown that fluoride chemicals added to the water supply can result in extremely high lead levels in children. In 2004, an investigation by the CDC found that 42,000 children in Washington D.C. 16 months old and younger had blood levels 2.4 times higher than normal."

"...water officials in Washington, D.C. who told him the problem was created when they switched to chloramines for water disinfection, mixing chloramines with fluoridation products that combined to have a corrosive effect on the city's aging lead pipes.

"In aging systems, even with optimal corrosion control in place, it would be a challenge, if not impossible, to prevent the leaching of lead into the water," Fonseca said. "This is a very important public health issue. Under our contract, I don't see how they (the state mandate) can force us to fluoridate the water."

Congratulations to Mr. Fonseca for standing up with the truth and facts that obviously "officials in Washington, D.C." know about but are choosing to ignore in order to push their fluoride agenda.  The article continues with listing several cities in Arkansas that are choosing to fight the state mandate.  The licensed operator also brings up how fluoride will affect the horse racing business and is already affecting the chicken factories and other industries that deal with animals and tourism.  What's your thoughts?  Should the nation be forced to replace all water pipes in order to accommodate the fluoride chemicals?

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