Thursday, November 7, 2013

1. Dr. Mercola's list of stress-busters -- 2. Marin County California has a history of drama over fluoride it seems, and then they claim the State of California ALLEGEDLY does not allow it, so their hands are tied....but look at that last statement where the northern part of the SAME county does NOT fluoride, never has, and has never been on the does the State of California mandate fluoride, or is the northern part of the SAME county flying without fluoride under the radar?? If so, what is their secret?? :-))

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November 07, 2013

Marin Municipal Water District officials say they have no choice on fluoridation of water

"A sign protesting fluoride in Marin County's water supply is propped against a wall during the Marin Municipal Water District's meeting on the subject Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013. (Mark Prado/Marin Indpendent Journal)

"An overflow crowd seeking to remove fluoride from the county's water supply was told by Marin Municipal Water District officials on Wednesday night that their hands are tied by state law.

"You are in the wrong place, you need to talk to the state," board member Jack Gibson told fluoridation opponents at the meeting in Corte Madera. "We are not allowed to make a decision."...

"In 1995 Assembly Bill 733 was passed into law. The law requires public water systems that have more than 10,000 connections to provide fluoridated water as long as they don't use ratepayer dollars. The district receives about $1 million annually in rental income and uses $140,000 of that for fluoridation.

"Fluoridation at Marin Municipal began in December 1973 after voters gave approval in November 1972 with 57 percent approval. Opponents failed to block it in court action and through an appeal to the state Department of Health.

"It was taken up again by voters in 1978 after water to five West Marin communities was overdosed accidentally with up to eight times the accepted level of fluoride for about two weeks in late 1977. In that vote, 53 percent of voters gave approval to continue fluoridation...

"...The North Marin Water District, which provides water to Novato and West Marin, doesn't fluoridate its water and the issue has never come to a public vote."

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