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The Fluoride Files 

Ireland Is Rejecting The Blarney Of Water Fluoridation - Are They Lucky, Or Just Smart?

May 22, 2014
Dear Citizen for Health,
Our campaign to enlighten folks about the different manifestations of fluoride, together with our ally Fluoride Action Network (FAN), rolls on in an effort to answer the question, "Fluoride: Good or Bad?", with this latest dispatch from the Fluoride Files.
The question may seem challenging, but folks from Michigan to Missouri appear decided on the matter.
In Michigan, the Boyne City Commission voted to end the practice of water fluoridation earlier this month after nearly 41 years. For those who voted to end it, the issue came down to choice - it's easier for folks who want fluoride to get it via toothpaste or mouthwash than it is for those who want to avoid it to find an alternative source of drinking water.
In Union, Missouri, Aldermen voted 7-1 to forego repairs to the equipment that adds fluoride to the city's wells, effectively ending water fluoridation. The equipment needed the repairs because of the corrosive effects of the additive, but even the one dissenting vote commented "Anything in overabundance is going to be poisonous."
The main story this week brings us "across the pond" where our friends in Ireland are lucky to have a government willing to respond to anti-fluoride campaigns sweeping the country. County Cork councillors voted unanimously to call for an end to the practice, prompting Ireland's Health Research Board to do a full assessment of the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation. Echoing his political brethren from Michigan, one councillor commented "There should be a choice."
Stay tuned to this campaign - we are confident that our efforts will empower you to make even more informed decisions about maintaining your family's health and wellness.
Thanks, as always, for your participation.
The Citizens for Health Team
For extra credit: What is the difference between fluorine and fluoride?

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