Monday, November 28, 2011

Fast Fluoride Facts, #2

EPA’s Maximum “Safety Allowance” for Fluoride:  4.0 ppm (parts per million)—with scientific evidence that 1.0 ppm damages the body:
·         EPA’S 1500 Water Safety Scientists, after 11 years of their own studies, are on record in 1997, & every year since then, as unanimously being against fluoridating public water, refusing to have any fluoride in their own office drinking water, demanding a Congressional moratorium on all fluoride in food and water in 2005, and quoting from their own research studies that it’s a causal link to cancer, genetic damage, neurological and brain impairment, bone pathology, and lowering IQ in children; 
·         Also evidence of fluoride causing hip fractures in Elderly (University of Utah Dept. of Family & Preventative Medicine-JAMA-1992, 1995);
·         Increase of blood lead level in children that causes learning disabilities, seizures, ADHD, & higher rates of behavior problems with violent crime and substance abuse (CDC & International Journal of Environmental Studies-1999);
·         Accumulates slowly in all the body cells (Columbia University School of Dental & Oral Surgery’s Guide to Family Dental Care-1997); 
·         Reduces thyroid function for weight gain, loss of mental acuity (NRC-2006);
·         Damages those with already diagnosed cardiovascular and kidney problems, including death (Mayo Clinic, Fluorides, National Academy of Sciences-1971); 
·         Causes aluminum to cross blood-brain-barrier & deposit in the brain for Alzheimer’s & dementia (Brain Research-1998);
·         Evidence of LOWER cavities and LOWER DMFT (decayed, missing, filled teeth) in non-fluoridated communities as compared with fluoridated communities (Forsyth Dental Center, Caries Research-1981).

Food categories with highest fluoride levels were fish, beverages, soups, and tea--
i.e., Canned fish—4.47 ppm—Shellfish—3.36 ppm

What do you do to avoid fluoridated water and foods?  The best way to avoid fluoride and other toxins in our foods, such as preservatives added for long shelf-life, is to cut back or elminate the processed foods in our diets as starters.  These are the very foods that have become a life-long habit for all American families because of their fast preparation time and easy convenience in a box or pre-cooked in a plastic package. 
             Fluoride becomes concentrated during any food processing—
i.e., Cereals: 3.8 ppm to 6.3 ppm
Fluoridated Formula—1000 ppm
Baby Food, especially containing chicken—
“high fluoride content...elevated fluorosis risk”

Foods made with mechanically separated chicken—
causes increase of fluoride intake & increases risk of dental fluorosis 

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