Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Do YOU Avoid Depression, Panic Attacks, or Anxiety?

How to avoid being like the 11 percent of Americans who now take antidepressant drugs every day

Thursday, October 20, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

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I have an upcoming booklet about panic attacks, anxiety, and depression that gives some disturbing information about the history of over-diagnosing certain conditions, money interests tied with the meds that are highly recommended, and the changing of the brain chemistry from those same meds. 
Adam's article corroborates my booklet with additional research, as well as a refreshing alternative to taking the meds that can save your brain from further damage helps:  1)  spend more time in nature, 2) get some regular physical exercise, 3) eat more omega-3 oils and organic plants, 4) find meaning in your work and in your life through service to others; can you help others around you experience an improvement in their own lives? Can you teach others? Can you lead by example? Can you write inspiring books, letters, etc?
A true story with one of our staff members at a prior employment in 2001 where refugees were working--a lawyer and his wife from Nigeria--stating that they were going back home because the stress in their war-torn country with bullets whizzing around was less stressful than living here with the constant over-scheduled life, the fast pace of everybody and everything around us, coupled with the high taxes that creates a need to have multiple jobs in order to earn a living.  He and his wife were very appreciative of the opportunity in being here, and felt discouraged at not being able to make it since they felt anxious 24/7.  They couldn't deal with the high stress level and anxiety, and moved back to Nigeria.
What experiences have you had with this modern-day plague of panic attacks, anxiety, and depression that usually happens because of our over-stressed lives?  Please feel free to share your story here so that it can be of help to others.

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