Monday, December 12, 2011

Professional Perspectives on Fluoride (video)

The below documentary is about Dr. Osmunson, DDS, who used to be for fluoride.  Watch and see what happened to change his mind about it.  After viewing this, please share your thoughts below:


  1. This is really an amazing video! You need to see it if they're fluoridating your city's water!

  2. According to Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health, US Department of Health and Human Services, “…fluoride is present in all infant formulas…tooth enamel formation occurs from birth until about 8 years old. This is also the time when dental fluorosis may occur with excess fluoride consumption...low-fluoride bottled water [should] be used for routinely reconstituting infant formula.”

    1.) So why isn't this "advisory" being published nationwide to protect our children?? 2.) And if 'all infant formulas' have fluoride in them, then why give our innocent babies a double dose with 'low-fluoride bottled water' that's A.) not even needed cuz the CDC says fluoride only works if it's used topical on the teeth, and B.) poor people and unemployed people can't afford to buy bottled water??
    3.) In fact, is there ANY infant formula out there that does NOT have ANY fluoride already in it?? Let us know, ASAP, please!