Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fluoride is "outdated?" Seaweed toothpaste could make it so!

When Santa Fe, New Mexico city council voted out fluoride, they stated that fluoride was "outdated" ---  "The city has been fluoridating its drinking water for almost 60 years, but councilors concluded that it was an outdated practice, a waste of money, and according to the Mayor:

“If we don’t think the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is a credible scientific organization, then I guess we don’t,” he said. “They say this is a safe level of fluoride and we believe this is just not true.”

"Unfortunately, even after fluoridation in Santa Fe was defeated with almost unanimous support from local officials, the local media and local dentists (along with the sole supporting councilor), are questioning the vote and calling for a new one."

While cities are voting out fluoride, here comes another report for a potential product to replace fluoride >>

Seaweed toothpaste stops tooth decay

Saturday, July 14, 2012 by: PF Louis

Learn more:
Uk scientists began "experimenting with enzymes extracted from seaweed microbes that may be able to remove the microbes in dental plaque.

"The Newcastle University research team had originally pursued this line of research into seaweed's Bacillus lichenifromis for the ship industry to see if these microbes would help clean ships' hulls without going into expensive dry dock maintenance that also takes a ship's time away from the sea.

"Actually, it's not the microbes themselves that deliver the cleansing. It's the enzymes they produce. This type of enzyme has to come from raw seaweed. Heat destroys enzymes.

"Dr. Nick Jakubovics of the Newcastle University School of Dental Sciences discovered how these same enzymes produced by seaweed microbes could eliminate plaque on, between, and behind the teeth if utilized in an oral mouthwash or toothpaste..."
BBC Report (with short radio interview)

First there was Keep 32, a molecule that's claiming to make your teeth cavity-proof.
Now seaweed toothpaste to remove plaque.  Although both are in the beginning stages, looks like fluoride is finally getting some competition while people seek other options.  That's called innovation, and "mother of invention" free market which is what it should be.

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