Monday, July 16, 2012

More Fluoride News Updates

1.  Sante Fe, New Mexico voted last week to stop adding fluoride to water supply.  The city council members did their own research, voting 6-1 to get rid of it, and the anti-fluoride speakers gave more data than the pro-fluoride speakers. Read article and watch video report here:

2. The Questions of Fluoridegate  Scandal Widens, Calls for Hearings Grow as New Revelations Highlight Science in Conflict with Officials’ Statements on Water Fluoridation Safety.  Citizens for Health:

3.  King working on new fluoride rules bill, Wednesday, July 11, 2012, By Kathryn Lucariello, Carroll County News
BERRYVILLE (Arkansas) -- State Rep. Bryan King, R-Berryville, said Friday he is working with Rep. Loy Mauch of District 26 to sponsor a new bill requiring full disclosure of fluoride products in their raw state for use in drinking water...According to René Fonseca, a water operator with the Carroll-Boone Water District who went to Little Rock to testify in favor of the bill, Mauch was not able to introduce it because the wrong bill was put forward when it came his turn to speak.
The house committee overseeing the bill was going to cancel testimony, but committees chairmen allowed testimony as some had traveled long distances to speak.
Fonseca, one of 12 Carroll-Boone water operators who all oppose adding fluoride to the drinking water supply, as mandated by Gov. Mike Beebe in Act 197, testified that as a water operator he wanted specific information about any products the water district must add to the water to ensure he is complying with American National Standards Institute 60 with regard to adding contaminants to the water. Carroll-Boone must comply with the Clean Water Act, the Enhance Surface Water Treatment Rule and the state's rules and regulations pertaining to public water systems.
CBWD has not been able to obtain a list of products from any of the 49 suppliers it made a request of, Fonseca said.
4. Video>"Linda Greene, Austin, Tx: The High & Hidden Costs of Water Fluoridation - ACC June 28, 2012"

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