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Fluoride Updates Again

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Support for dental education, not fluoride, is needed

by Mary Budinger - Sept. 23, 2012
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As former National Institutes of Health scientist James B. Patrick told Congress, "It is a scientific disgrace that a well-organized lobby of the American Dental Association ever managed to stampede American legislators into ignoring the highly technical but very cogent objection to fluoridations."

Water Fluoridation Affects Children’s IQ

By W. Gifford-Jones, M.D

Sept. 28, 2012

Why, in 1974, didn’t authorities learn from this terrible tragedy? A 3-year-old Brooklyn boy, during his first dental checkup, had fluoride paste applied to his teeth. He was then handed a glass of water, but the hygienist failed to inform him to swish the solution around in his mouth, and then spit it out.

Instead, he drank the water, and a few hours later he was dead from fluoride poisoning...

This is just my opinion about fluoridation, and I could be wrong. But it appears that since the 3-year-old boy died, experts continue to ignore the dangers.

And I’ve learned to be prepared for criticism that invariably descends on me about this issue.

Dr. Gifford-Jones is a medical journalist with a private medical practice in Toronto. His website is He may be contacted at

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Ethics Journal Reports: Fluoridation - Unethical, Risky, Benefits Doubtful, Poor Most Harmed

Editor's comment: If you, an ordinary food consumer put a tiny amount of a fluoride chemical in someone's food, you may get arrested just for that act. But it is perfectly legal for government officials to put the same fluoride chemical, which are known to be toxic to multiple organs, in the public drinking water system in the name of protecting against dental caries in children. The toxin can cause more than fluorosis! If you get osteoporosis or fracture, you may be a victim of fluoridation. The toxic chemical can deteriorate your bone and thus far it's known that it can cause skeletal fluorosis. Anyone whose IQ is above 89 may figure out the motivation behind the forceful fluoridation. Fluoridation causes more harm than good!
New York – October 1, 2012 – Fluoridation is an “unacceptable risk,” says Public Health Professor Niyi Awofeso in the Journal Public Health Ethics, August 2012. He writes “There is insufficient ethical justification for artificial water fluoridation,” reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF).
Awofeso, a University professor in Australia, who published over 70 peer-reviewed academic papers in respected journals, says:
1) No evidence supports the assertion that artificial water fluoridation reduces social disparities in cavity incidence
2) Fluoridation’s effectiveness is questionable
3) Poor children are more apt to develop dental fluorosis (discolored teeth)
4) Two potential adverse effects of fluoride, hypothyroidism and bone fractures, have been reported in scholarly journals
5) Fluoridation chemicals (fluosilicic acid) are contaminated with lead, arsenic and mercury, major health hazards for which no safe levels exist.
Awofeso concludes: “It would appear that the effectiveness of artificial water fluoridation in the 21st century is at best questionable, given its fixed-dose medication approach, quality of fluoride used and its adverse impact on calcium metabolism and largely insignificant differences in dental caries experience between areas with artificial water fluoridation and those without”
Awofeso writes: “Rather than addressing the legitimate concerns of the public with regards to the ethics of fluoridation, pro-fluoridation activists dismiss anti-water fluoridation advocates as misinformed trouble makers intent on undermining public health.”
He speculates that pro-fluoridation advocacy groups won’t concede ‘victory’ to opposing groups, who they deride as ignorant, to save face or that it’s the “general inertia with policy disinvestment.”
Despite assurances that artificial water fluoridation chemicals, hydrofluosilicic acid, act the same as naturally occurring calcium fluoride, Awofesco explains that calcium fluoride does not inhibit a tooth’s calcium absorption but fluosilicic acid does “thus annulling the dental caries prevention effects of water fluoridated with fluosilicic acid.”
“The increasing prominence of anti-water fluoridation groups globally, greater appreciation of natural and artificial fluoride sources and likely dangers of excessive fluoride consumption among some population(s) necessitate(s) a thorough analysis of the merits of water fluoridation,” he writes.
Attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President says, "Fluoridation is a dismal failure and must be stopped. Any official or organization that blindly endorses and promotes fluoridation places children, especially, in harm's way.”
Reference: “Ethics of Artificial Water Fluoridation in Australia”
Contact: Paul Beeber, JD, NYSCOF President, 516-433-8882
SOURCE: New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.



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