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Fluoride Updates - Las Vegas & Netherlands (they used medical science to eliminate fluoride in their country! Check out the summary of their medical science below)

Time to End Water Fluoridation in Las Vegas

January 2013

Evidence based Medical Science used to end policy of fluoridation of drinking water in the Netherlands.
Wednesday, January 9, 2013
(Before It's News) Editor’s note:On the Awaken Ireland Facebook page the author writes (emphasis added by Editor):

Folks it hard not to get angry when you read this. Dr. Hans Moolenburgh “As a summary of our research, we are now convinced that fluoridation of the water supplies causes the whole population to be subjected to low grade poisoning” Here are the medical and scientific facts that resulted in the Minister for Health in the Netherlands being forced to resign in disgrace in 1974 and their constitution being changed to prevent the Government from ever again using drinking water as a means to medicate its population.”

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by Declan Waugh,  B.SC, C.Env., MCIWEM, MIEMA, MCIWM
published here with permission of the author
first published on the authors blog Fluoride Free Water 8 Jan 2013

This is a summary of information complied from public record and published peer reviewed journals on the history of fluoridation in the Netherlands. It explains how medical based science resulted in the termination of fluoridation in this Country, thanks largely to Dr. Hans Moolenburgh, a Medical Physician, Cancer Specialist, and Clinical Ecologist who with a team of medical doctors and medical researchers conclusively demonstrated that fluoridation of drinking water resulted in the population being subjected to low grade poisoning by fluoride with wide ranging medical side effects.
Hans C. Moolenburgh, M.D., graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Leyden in 1952. He was a general practitioner in the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands since April 1953. Apart from being a G.P., his main interests were clinical ecology and complementary forms of cancer treatment.

(Read the rest of the medical science Netherland used at the above web link)

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