Friday, February 22, 2013

Fluoride Updates

Fluoride use should be suspended

(Australia) Fluoridation cessation date change

"In order to comply with conditions under the Water Fluoridation Act, the date for cessation of fluoridation of water supplies in the Cairns region has been changed.

"Cairns Regional Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting on January 30, “that Council ceases the fluoridation of the CRC water supply by the 13 February 2013”...

(Ireland) Even America, home of the fluoridation deception is now getting ‘shock and awe’ reality check.

Eight reasons why water fluoridation has failed modern civilization


Recent Science Shows Fluoridation Health Risks

Lawsuit over community fluoridation in Southern California dismissed

"San Diego—A federal district court in California Jan. 25 granted a motion to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to stop the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California from adding fluoride to its water.

"The case entitled Foli v. the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California sought to require the MWD to stop adding hydrofluosilicic acid to the public's drinking water, alleging it constituted unlawful and unconstitutional medication of the plaintiffs since the compound has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for treatment of disease or dental cavities. The suit also accused the MWD of unfair and unlawful business practices."...


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