Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Fluoride Updates

Mediator orders Gilbert to rehire water manager who was fired over fluoridation flap

GILBERT, Arizona — A mediator has ordered Gilbert to rehire and provide retroactive back pay to a water manager who was fired when it was discovered that the Phoenix suburb's water hadn't been fluoridated for a long time.

The Arizona Republic ( ) reports that mediator Steven Guttell declared that Chris Ochs' was unfairly terminated last September.

Ochs said he shut off the town's fluoridation system over a year earlier because of malfunctions but that he'd told his superior. 

(Sidebar:  The original story reported that it was "assumed" this water manager had turned off the fluoridation because he was anti-fluoride, and the cry went up for him to be punished for doing we hear a different story, and it appears the mediator is giving justice.)

Drinking Water Fluoridation Course - Salem, Virginia

Who should take this Course?
The course is designed for Water Plant Operators of systems that currently fluoridate or that will fluoridate in the future.

Letter: Fluoride study (Lawrence, Kansas)

(Side Note: Be sure to read the well-versed comments!)

Water Fluoridation Debate in Salina

Water Fluoridation Infographic

PD Editorial: Confronting county crisis of oral health

EPA Scientists Oppose Water Fluoridation

Fluoridation may be more about cost than health

King introduces bill that sets new criteria for water additives (Arkansas)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The bill puts the onus of responsibility upon water operators to obtain products that are proven, in the amounts administered, to treat the diseases for which they are intended and that they are safe for such use.

The bill also requires water operators to purchase only products that come with full disclosure of the country of origin, and of contents and contaminants, including a list of toxicological studies that show the product to be safe.

The product must also meet the American National Standards Institute Standard 60.
Water operators can be sued for failing to follow these requirements.

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