Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ballots have to be turned in TONIGHT BY 8:00 o'clock, May 21st

Would a Vote On Fluoridation Accomplish Anything?


DEQ (Oregon's Dept. of Environmental Quality) union comes out against water fluoridation

Decision time for Portland fluoridation

Fluoride 2013: Let's Just Start Drinking a Poison We All Agree On (Hint: It's Alcohol)

Letter: Entire population shouldn't have to ingest fluoride


Ex Dental Association President Fronts Fluoridation Tribunal (South Australia--...will be joining New Zealand doctors and dentists in a bid to inform Hamilton councillors of the need to stop adding harmful fluoride chemicals to the community water supply.)


Rest of Nation Mocks Portland Over Fluoride Vote (People of Portland, the rest of America is watching us. And some of them are laughing...) << this written by Portland's pro-fluoride paper


LETTER: Come clean on flouridation


Portland Set to Vote on Fluoride in Water


Portland Fluoridation Vote Reignites Debate


Portland, Ore., residents voting whether to put fluoride in water; last big city without it


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