Monday, May 20, 2013

Below Petitions>Ck out HOW MANY CITIES are watching Portland's Fluoridation Vote...

Petition (in Australia) to End the Fluoridation of Drinking Water

Written by Andrew Puhanic
Published on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

[Australia's online "The Globalist Report" is gathering signatures to send to the UN for reversing, and ending, their endorsement of fluoridation, based on the premise that if the UN revokes it, then politicians won't be so scared to contradict their policy--also have a downloadable letter you can send to your local representatives]

{You can also sign the Fluoride Action Network's Petition Letter to be sent directly to your U.S. Congressional Representatives:}

Fluoride the talk of the town as Portland, Ore., prepares for 5th vote on subject

Portland revisits issue of public fluoridation

May 2013 election: Fluoride, greenspaces, light rail and teachers on metro-area ballots

Fluoridated water? Not all Portlanders will drink to that

Portland revisits issue of public fluoridation

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