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There is much concern about the effects of fluoridated water nationally. Ken Howard of Abundant Living is one of those concerned people.

“There have been no warnings issued in Utah to date. Your public water supply is fluoridated. Fluoridated water should not be used or added to infant formula, foods or drinks intended for babies 12 months of age or younger, in order to avoid dental fluorosis,” Ken says.

Why the urgent warning?

“Dental fluorosis is not a cosmetic effect, but the first visible sign that a child has been overexposed to fluoride,” Ken says.

Ken first became aware of the issue of fluoridation in the 1990s. He understood the government’s explanation that the purpose of fluoridating the public water supply was to reduce cavities, but nagging doubts persisted. He began to research the issue, and what he found was troubling to him.

“The toxicity of fluoride is comparable to arsenic and lead. In fact, it’s in the same category, and it seems illogical to put it in water, even in a diluted state,” Ken says.

Fluoride was used in the 1940s as a necessary ingredient to enrich uranium to build the atomic bomb. The U.S. government backed research to show fluoride was safe in highly diluted amounts, and would be effective in reducing dental cavities.

“It became a political campaign to push adding fluoride in public water supplies, but it was done without adequate scientific testing. The sad and corrupt part is that the testing experiments were terminated early, and water fluoridation was whitewashed. Subsequent testing was short term, and used a different compound than what was being used in over 90 percent of the fluoridated water systems. The effects of highly diluted fluoride are very subtle and slow acting. It takes time to see the signs of damage. Research shows fluoride produces dental fluorosis and increases susceptibility/vulnerability to cancer, kidney damage, neurologic/brain impairments, bone fractures, lowered thyroid function, increases infertility, hyperactivity or lethargy,” Ken says.

It remains against the law to dump fluoride on the ground, in streams or in the ocean. Fluoride is also a by-product of the fertilizer industry.

“This is mass medication without a chance of choice. This violates the standard in doctor-patient relationships. There are other ways to get fluoride, but water fluoridation removes freedom of choice. Ingesting fluoride via drinking water has little or no effect on the prevention of dental cavities. Topical application, as in toothpaste, has some beneficial effect,” Ken says.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Union of Water Safety Scientists spent 11 years researching fluoride, and unanimously voted against using it in the water supply in 2000. Their warnings remain unheeded.

“I asked the Salt Lake County Health Department to post the warnings issued in 2006 and 2010 by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association advising against mixing formula with fluoridated water. They declined,” Ken says.

“Please pass the fluoride warning for infants to everyone. Please take note there is a study showing serum fluoride can potentially damage a child’s IQ,” Ken says.

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