Thursday, April 26, 2012

THIS CLOSE to NH's new fluoride law!!

New Hampshire's House passed their new infant fluoride warning bill in March, 253-23, and NH's Senate also passed it on April 25th, with a unanimous voice vote after it passed 4-0 out of committee!! 

No, it won't go to the NH governor to sign into law just yet.  The Senate made an amendment to it.  Originally, the infant fluoride warning was to have been in all quarterly water bills, but the Senate recognized that renters do not always get water bills since their landlords pay for their water, and amended it to be in the "(annual) water quality reports (that) go to all residents in a community whether they rent or own, and are also posted on water company websites year-round."

Dr. Paul Connett's group asked to have it in both places, but got shot down by the oral health people.  It's now back in the NH House, to pass as is with the new amendment, or to call on the NH Senate to go back to the original, and then it'll go to the NH governor who is expected to pass it into law. 

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