Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AZ. Water Plant without fluoride under investigation

Fluoridation flap sinks Gilbert officials

Sep. 08, 2012

...Two high-ranking Gilbert administrators are out of their jobs after municipal workers halted voter-mandated fluoridation for more than a year at one of the town’s two water-treatment plants...

Town Water Department administrators shut down the fluoride system on July 16, 2011, as leaks discovered about three years ago worsened, leaving a white, powderlike substance on the equipment, Frost wrote in a memo. A few minutes of exposure left workers with a burning sensation in the eyes, nose and skin, he wrote.

A month after fluoridation stopped, town administrators brought in several private-sector experts to evaluate the health impacts and test the fluoridation equipment, documents say...

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Mary Sparrowdancer
a day ago
So, let me get this straight. Two people are out of jobs for protecting the public from possible fluoride poisoning due to badly corroded fluoride equipment??? Just a few minutes exposure caused burning eyes, noses and skin in workers, but these two administrators lost jobs for protecting the public and their water. A fluoride error in Hooper Bay, Alaska, killed a man. Other fluoride errors have also resulted in deaths and severe illnesses. It seems like the city management is more interested in protecting fluoride than protecting the public.

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