Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fluoride Updates from FAN

Three more communities have voted to end fluoridation this year, increasing the number of fluoride-free citizens by another 5,000 people. All three towns are in Indiana--the Hoosier State—including the towns of Walkerton, North Liberty, and Lakeville. Walkerton was the first to vote the toxic chemical out of their water, and they did so because of the health concerns associated with overexposure to fluoride; a problem that now affects more than 41% of America’s adolescents. North Liberty ended fluoridation also due to concerns over health issues, but primarily because they border Walkerton and had purchased fluoridation chemicals in bulk along with Walkerton. When Walkerton ended fluoridation, the cost of chemicals was too high for North Liberty to purchase on their own. Separately, Lakeville councilors voted to end the practice solely due to the increasing cost of fluoridation chemicals.
Earlier this summer we reported the story that the pro-fluoride lobby had forced the Wichita City Council to take up the fluoridation issue. Wichita is one of the largest cities in the U.S. that has remained fluoride-free, primarily because the citizens have voted to keep it that way on several occasions. However, with the pro-fluoride lobby (ADA, PEW, Delta Dental) having hundreds of millions of dollars to burn through and absolutely no care or concern for the public will, they were able to bring the issue before the city council after having collected the 11,000 petition signatures necessary to get the issue before the council and on the ballot. Rather than vote to approve fluoridation unilaterally, the council placed the question on the November ballot.
There are now several organized groups in Kansas working to educate the public prior to this November fluoridation vote. There is Fluoride Free Kansas, Pure Water Wichita (Facebook), and Wichitans Opposed to Fluoridation. Kansas residents can also contact FAN’s local point person: DeAnna Havens. We urge you to get involved no matter where you live in Kansas, because if Wichita falls to the pro-fluoride lobby, there is no telling how many other communities may follow their lead.
The group Pure Water Wichita has invited the pro-fluoride lobby to a televised debate prior to the November election. It appears that the pro-fluoride folks have yet to officially respond with a challenger, so fluoride-free advocates have asked for members of the public to join in on the debate.
We will keep you informed on what is going on in Wichita, and will share video of the debate as soon as it is made public. Stay tuned and get involved if you live nearby!
Dr. Paul Connett went to Portland last week to support the movement to keep the city fluoride-free. Jim Lockhart of the Comcast cable access show “A Growing Concern” filmed Dr. Connett’s presentation, which included a full PowerPoint breakdown of the issue. The evening opened with words by Clean Water Portland Executive Director and FAN Point Person Kim Kaminski. Please watch and share this presentation with fluoride-free advocates around the world, as it’s a powerful and compelling argument against this unhealthy and unethical practice.
Portland residents are continuing their efforts to collect the nearly 20,000 signatures necessary to overturn the Portland Council’s vote for fluoridation. If you live in or near Portland, Oregon and would like to help this unprecedented campaign, please contact Clean Water Portland, attend their signature education meetings, or visit their website and download the official petition forms. Remember, you must use an official petition form, the signers must be registered voters and Portland residents.
We can only succeed with lots of help from as many of you as possible, so even if you don’t live in Portland, please spread the word about the campaign, and please urge anyone you know living near Portland to get involved immediately.
Earlier this summer--only weeks after Albuquerque ended fluoridation--the city council in Santa Fe, New Mexico (population 70,000) voted almost unanimously to end the fluoridation of their drinking water. Unfortunately, councilors didn’t use the appropriate legislative process, or hold a public hearing with the appropriate amount of public notification prior to their vote, resulting in the continuation of their fluoridation program. Over the past two months, councilors have been trying to decide whether to bring the fluoridation issue to a public vote or to pass a resolution ending fluoridation after several years of oral health education.
Now it appears like the council will simply go ahead with another resolution to quickly end fluoridation once and for all with a council vote. With almost all councilors opposed to fluoridation due to the health risks, overexposure, and costs, they decided to reintroduce a second prohibition resolution which they plan on voting on in late October.
If you are a New Mexico resident, or a medical or scientific professional, please contact the city council and urge them to continue their support for clean, fluoride-free water.
-The Huffington Post held an online fluoridation debate featuring FAN’s own Michael Connett. You can watch the discussion in its entirety here.
-Dr. William Hirzy was interviewed by CBS regarding his testimony in Phoenix, Arizona. Unfortunately, the City Council subcommittee voted to keep fluoride in the water, but efforts are being made to bring the issue to the full committee and even to the State House.
-FAN now has a Linkedin account. Please connect with us on this great social media tool.

Stuart Cooper, Campaign Manager

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