Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reverse Vote in Pinellas County, Florida

Tuesday, November 27th, Pinellas County Commissioners reversed their anti-fluoride vote of last October 2011 to put fluoride back into their drinking water. 

Pro-fluoride advocates not only spent a lot of money and present their standard repeat of it being "safe and effective," they also voted out the commissioners who had removed fluoride in the first place, and replaced them with pro-fluoride candidates who used pro-fluoride for their entire campaign. 

Turns out, one of the county commissioners who voted fluoride out last year, didn't get voted out this year because, as per one of the below newspapers, he'd allegedly supported fluoride all through this year's election cycle.  Now he has publicly made a very sane, rational, and actually truthful obervation against fluoride, and his statement comes after his voting against putting fluoride back into the water this week.  He got outvoted by the other pro-fluoride commissioners this week, 6-1.  It will be back into the water by the end of this year, as per one article below, and will be back in by March 2013, as per the other article.  Interesting...

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