Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SB 1310, Dietary Supplement Labeling Act is still attacking DSHEA

Bayer Buys Schiff for $1.2 Billion

November 14 2012
Dr. Mercola

Why Supplement Companies are So Attractive to the Drug Industry

Many Nutritional Companies, Trade Groups Already Controlled by Big Pharma

The FDA is Also Attacking the Supplement Industry

Why You Don't Want Your Supplements Even More Controlled

Get Involved to Protect Your Right to Dietary Supplements

The supplement industry is in a fragile state right now, and the outcomes of some pending legislation could be a major turning point. There is, for instance, still work to be done to prevent passage of S 1310, Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, introduced by Senator Durbin of Illinois in June 2011. This bill threatens the dietary supplement industry by giving the FDA power to regulate vitamins and other supplements as if they were drugs. The act was his reaction to a scandal surrounding Lazy Cakes, cupcakes with added melatonin to help adults fight insomnia. Some adults who purchased the cakes fed them to toddlers, and the toddlers subsequently became ill.
If you live in Illinois, contact Senator Durbin. Tell him—or whomever your representative is—to stop this overreach of power.


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