Friday, June 28, 2013

14andOut - Stop smoking naturally in 14 days or less program - cigarettes have: fiberglass filters that shards of glass go into lungs with each puff and kills cell tissues, "smoker's cough" is the tar moving into the tiny air sacs in the lungs, 95% GMO tobacco laced with pesticides, bleach, herbicides, plastic (to make it burn evenly, even in the wind)--for a total of 4,000 toxic, poisonous chemicals that CAUSE anxiety/depression/stress - the ammonia-treated nicotine (called the "nicotine fix") goes to the BRAIN and HEART on average of 3 seconds (each brand tries to get it faster than that with stronger doses) to RELIEVE the anxiety/depression/stress (which makes the smoker think they need a cigarette every time they are having a stressful situation) that was caused by the toxins running through the body - smoking "is relaxing" and "gives confidence" has been proven (hard-core evidence) that it's the BREATHING ritual while smoking that's doing the relaxing (inhale, hold, exhale), which can be done the same way WITHOUT the cigarette - smoking "helps digestion" came from a 1930 Camel commercial with "doctors" saying it helped digestion and to smoke after meals, even between meal courses on Thanksgiving (commercial can be found on YouTube), and even though it's been proven it's the BREATHING that does the relaxing that in turn helps the digestion--NOT the smoking--the myth that smoking is needed to relax and help digestion has remained all these years later -- and we don't think we're brainwashed as a society? Could this be the result of "designing men" tampering with what we put into our mouth? Furthermore, a person who smokes each day has the habit of hand-to-mouth motions, sometimes anywhere between 250 to 500 times per day--and you ask why there's a weight gain when they quit smoking??!! Do pills or nicotine patches/gum work? The pills have the same chemicals as the cigarette, but without any of the ammonia-nicotine, and the patch/gum have only 5% of the ammonia-nicotine, so obviously what's going to happen here? Is the smoker doomed to failure? 14andOut says NO! SUBSTITUTE organic, nutritional, alkaline superfoods and plenty of water in those hands-to-mouth routines, do the BREATHING ritual without the cigarette to relax and/or get through a stressful situation/depression/anxiety, and you're on your way to success! Go to their website for many articles on how to quit smoking, watch the below video (Part 1 of 3), and see how there's hope for those of us who need the extra help and need the understanding of why a smoker goes back to the habit in 6 months or less when it's not done the right way (stopping cold turkey works for some, but not all)...
Video - Part 1 of 3

20 questions about smoking that will make you quit

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