Monday, June 10, 2013

HOLD ON! Slight problem with the Hamilton, New Zealand Anti-Fluoride victory!

It appears, based on a google summary (see below), that after the public voted against having fluoride, then the Hamilton, NZ city council turned the "decision" to fluoride or not-fluoride over to the NZ health minister.  Can't read the entire article posted, so far, because the below website requires you to be a paid subscriber, so more research will be done to see if we can find it elsewhere. (it's dated 11 June 2013 because they're already a day ahead of us)

The National Business Review
9:21AM Tuesday 11 June 2013
"Although local authorities have the power to adjust the level of fluoride in their water supply, the council chose to give the final decision to Health Minister Tony Ryall, and has made a written request for approval. The minister has yet to indicate..."

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