Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Michael Bean, MD, is a member of the Wayland Board of Health (Framingham, Mass.) - his guest column is THREE PAGES LONG, listing all the reasons why the community needs to be against fluoride...

By Michael Bean, MD
Posted Jul 18, 2013

Guest column: Misgivings on fluoride in Wayland's water

"...Personally, as a physician, I have several misgivings about our fluoridation program..."

 [Sidebar:  Be sure to notice that there are only 3 commenters, 2 pro-fluoride who try to take out the entire article AND Dr. Bean.  The one poster who refers readers to view the youtube video by Dr. Kennedy for more information, "Fluoridegate, An American Tragedy," one of the pro-fluoride posters comes right back to discredit both him and Dr. Kennedy and concludes by referring the reader to see "accurate information" about fluoride on the CDC, EPA, ADA, WHO, etc. websites]

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