Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Survivors of colon cancer without chemotherapy treatments - amazing videos

Food and lifestyle: non-chemo treatments for colon cancer

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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(NaturalNews) I wrote recently about Dave the Raw Food Trucker and how his stage 1 colon cancer has subsided from what appears to be the result of an organic, raw food, vegan diet. Or probably more appropriately, the food that he stopped eating.

If that wasn't exciting enough, I want to share another healing story about a man that was at colon cancer stage 3. This man appeared on the Ricki Lake show to discuss his story.

Chris Wark was just 26 years old when he was diagnosed with one of the later stages of colon cancer, stage 3. He was told that he was insane by the oncologist when he refused chemo. His decision instead was to embark on a raw vegan diet.

Chemotherapy for colon cancer for Chris wasn't conceivable. The idea of poisoning himself was not in the cards for him. He, like many others, sought alternative treatments for disease.

Is colon cancer curable?

To answer the question of whether or not colon cancer can be cured, I invite you to ask Dave the Raw Food Trucker and Chris Wark. I'm sure the conversation will enter into the realm of eating cleanly. I'm also sure that the raw food diet will be discussed.

Wark started to eat special salads and began juicing his way to good health. He also started a lymph cleansing program that involved the use of a mini trampoline or rebounder. 10+ years later Wark remains cancer free and in Ricki's words "has become an outspoken advocate of chemo free cancer treatment."

What is colon cancer?

According to the definition on the Princeton education web site, colon cancer is defined as "a malignant tumor of the colon; early symptom is bloody stools."

If considering an alternative treatment yourself, you will face scrutiny from many people from many different walks of life. One thought is that if you believe that you can be cured by the raw food diet, than you can. The opposite also may hold true.

If the videos and stories about Dave, Chris and others spark a belief in you, then watch them every single day to reaffirm that belief, especially when others try to instill doubt.

On a side note, a childhood friend of mine, his father passed away from cancer just the other day. His doctor diagnosed him a few days before and told him that he would die in a few days. The man believed him.

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