Thursday, August 8, 2013

Anchorage, AL anti-fluoride debate in front of their local Assembly - NZ questions when they will have fluoride gone in their water - and don't forget to register for the free anti-fluoride teleconference coming up that the organizers hope will meet every month, going viral with participants worldwide

Anti-fluoride crowd demands Assembly’s ear
Posted: Thursday, August 8, 2013 
"Since October of 2010, Jason Agre, who lives near Valley of the Moon Park, has been urging Anchorage’s elected officials to stop adding fluoride to his drinking water. Agre is part of a global movement of people objecting to fluoridated water. It’s admittedly a movement that’s been marginalized, but it’s also growing despite consistent pro-fluoridation campaigns by health authorities...

"Clearly the members of the group had educated themselves, and just as clearly they had dismissed opinions from the Alaska Division of Public Health, CDC and the World Health Organization, all of which support fluoridation in community water.
"But two Alaska communities, Fairbanks and Juneau, invested quite a bit of effort toward including the scientific opinions of those public health organizations. And still, both towns stopped adding fluoride to their water. Libertarian values—let Alaskans decide for themselves what goes in their bodies—seem to be beating the establishment science. And those values beat the science where it counts, in the hyper-local political arenas where decisions about water systems are made.

"Since 2006, Juneau, Fairbanks and Palmer have all stopped adding fluoride to their public water supplies. Agre said he has followed those debates with interest. In the first two, the anti-fluoridation movement took several years take hold. “It took six years to get it out of the water supply in Juneau,” Agre said. That pattern was repeated in Fairbanks, but Palmer’s fluoride program seems to have toppled like a domino almost immediately after Fairbanks...

"It’s tough to say how long the movement will last in Anchorage or if it will gain the necessary traction to topple fluoridation. Tuesday night was the second time Greg Hollstein has spoken to the Anchorage Assembly in recent months. He told the Assembly that if they just did their own independent research, they would want to end fluoridation, too..."

Will we be the last place in the world to stop fluoridation?

"Israel Supreme court outlaws fluoridation.

"Will New Zealand be the last place in the world to stop fluoridation?..."

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