Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NZ city council leaflet about why they voted fluoride out is met with resistance - and Reno, Nevada reports on fluoride TV commercials that nobody knows why, asking if it's the first sign of a new fluoride battle since Reno has voted it down 2ce already...

Hamilton council's fluoride leaflet slammed by dentists

By Kurt Bayer @KurtBayerAPNZ Email Kurt
4:04 PM Tuesday Aug 13, 2013

Fluoridation leaflet misleading, says expert

By James Ihaka Email James
5:30 AM Wednesday Aug 14, 2013


Un-edited statements from the health sector and beyond

Hamilton Council issues misleading, wrong and unscientific information to residents

Otago UniversityTuesday 13 August 2013

Battle Over Flouridated Water Brewing Again? 

KOLO-TV8 News (see video below article--opps! sorry, video won't allow being embeded--have to click on weblink to watch news video)

TV commercials saying fluoride is just like adding Vit. D to milk and iodine to salt...but...nobody knows why the TV commercials are running

By: Ed Pearce 

Updated: Tue 7:12 PM, Aug 13, 2013

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