Friday, August 16, 2013

SB 1425 - ALERT! Durbin still trying to take out DSHEA

Supplements ARE Safe

DSHEA Doubter Dick Durbin Denies Data

August 15, 2013

Dear Citizen for Health,

We thought a little alliteration was in order to call attention to the repetitious efforts of Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) to pass his pet bill, S. 1425, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2013.

Supplements have a stellar track record of safety and quality, thanks to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) and consistently conscientious self-regulation by supplement producers. And earlier this week we alerted you to a resource that empowers the natural health and wellness community to help maintain that unassailable reputation, built over decades -

Tell your Senators "My Supplements Are Safe" - Vote "NO" on S. 1425!

Well, Dick "Doubter" Durbin doesn't trust you to know what's good for you, nor does he think the regulatory framework responsible for supplements' safety over decades is good enough, despite the facts. That's why he's taking his third crack at passing the unnecessary - and dangerous - S. 1425.

Citizens for Health understands and shares the concern that makers of quick weight-loss pills, sexual enhancment drugs, or the plethora of “energy drinks” that have exploded on the market in the last decade are exploiting our system of consumer safety regulations. However, the answer is not superfluous legislation or placing a greater financial burden on dietary supplement companies whose products have a long-standing, demonstrated track record of safety.

Tell Senators "Greater Enforcement, Not Costly Legislation" - Vote "NO" on S. 1425!

Put simply: At best, S. 1425 is a bad bill, albeit with good intentions. At worst, it exploits recent attacks on supplement safety and extrapolates the negative examples above to the entire category of supplements, as a means of justifying another crack at imposing unnecessary regulations on the dietary supplement industry.

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As always, thank you for your activism,

The Citizens for Health Team

And don't forget to sign the CFH petition to clearly label products containing that artificial goop, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) - just click here.

Save Supplements - Oppose S. 1425

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