Monday, January 2, 2012

Portable Fluoride Van? + Fluoride & High Crimes

Yeah, you read that right!  Pinellas County, Florida just voted out fluoride, but now the health officials are proposing the county commissioners vote on having a portable-fluoride-van to drive around town to give fluoride and dental services to children.  If they vote to do it, the van would cost county taxpayers $532,339 when it "only" cost the county $205,000 a year to pay for the fluoride chemicals to put into the tap water!

But scroll down to the bottom of that article and read the blog that only makes common sense:  the author, Winston Kao (chemist and researcher for organic foods), blogs that the argument of fluoride as a topical application to harden teeth is true, but "...of course, assumes that topical application is not immediately absorbed by your gums and the tissues in your mouth, which of course it does.."  Read the rest here>> 

What do you think?  Should Pinellas County Commissioners vote to have a fluoride-van now that they've saved their residents, and budget, from fluoride chemicals in their water?  One of the county commissioners is fighting the portable-fluoride-van if you'd like to support him.

Then I ran across this 2005 study about "Water Fluoridation and Crime in America," indicating that high crime areas also have a fluoridated water supply. It gives details supporting the original hypothesis that drinking fluoride causes mental and behavior problems that cause crime, which backs up the 1999 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Studies that says fluoridated water will increase the blood lead level in children that "...will cause learning disabilities, seizures, ADHD, and higher rates of behavior problems with violent crime and substance abuse..." Read the study here>>

What about you?  Any examples ever happen to you, or others you know, that caused concern about the tap water?

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