Monday, January 30, 2012

Updates on Fluoride

Pinellas Florida County Commissioners voted to take fluoride out of the county's drinking water, as of January 1, 2012, with a majority vote 4-3.  It was done for health reasons as well as to save money. They were still defending their vote when quoted in the "Palm Harbor Beacon" on January 28, 2012 >>

BUT, Pinellas Park City Council, with pressure from the proponents of fluoride (dental association, health officials, etc.), voted to have fluoride put back in, then admitting there was no money to do it, announced it'd be done with funding from the State of Florida for their fluoride program and water facilities, expected to be done this July.

Meanwhile, while the governor of New Jersey is proposing mandated fluoridated water state wide , here's a great article that gives details in a list of things that an opponent of fluoride has been doing, all by himself, to educate his city council and mayor about the health dangers of having fluoride in their town of Reading, Pennsylvania.  The city council claims to not be convinced yet >>

What's your thoughts on Pinellas Park City Council relying on state funding to put fluoride back into their water?  And what's your thoughts on a state mandate to have fluoride in all city drinking water?  Have you ever done any of the things that the Reading, Pennsylvania opponent of fluoride has done in trying to get rid of fluoride here in Utah?

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