Saturday, October 19, 2013

BREAKING NEWS!!!! FBI warns Wichita, Kansas of potential water threat -- watch KSN-TV news video -- Alert issued on Friday, Oct. 18, as shown on Friday's TV, but did not become news on the Internet until today, Saturday, Oct. 19

City of Wichita on alert after potential threat to water system

By    Vi Nguyen

WICHITA, Kansas -- The FBI notified the City of Wichita of the potential threat a couple of days ago.
The FBI are not going into specifics about the threat, but city officials want to reassure residents that the water is safe to drink and use.
The City of Wichita sells millions of gallons of water each year to several nearby communities like Derby and Valley Center.
    But now Wichita's water system along with systems in three other cities in the mid-west are being looked at closely after the FBI received word of a potential threat.
    "The FBI as of our law enforcement agencies take any threats to the public personal safety very seriously," said Bridget Patton, Media Representative for the FBI.
    For the last several days, the FBI has been looking into a regional water threat.
    KSN News learned the potential hazard affects four major water systems in the mid-west including Wichita.
    "As a precautionary measure, the FBI made contact with the water supply systems and visited those facilities to ensure they were aware of threats that were made," said Patton.
    Federal investigators can't comment on the specifics of the threats because it's an ongoing investigation.
    Investigators say they did not find any harmful evidence to support the threat.
    "At this point in the investigation we have not be able to substantiate any portion of the threat to area water supply systems," said Patton.
    El Dorado Water and Wastewater Treatment Superintendent Brett Prerry tells KSN News the FBI reached out to El Dorado letting them know about the potential threat and to be on alert.
    Perry says he reached out to several department heads and city employees telling them to remain vigilant and to be on the look out for any bizarre activities near fire hydrants or water facilities.
    "This would be the normal protocall that we would do when a threat of this nature come in," said Patton.

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