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Seems like old news about EPA rejecting to change source of fluoride, but it's posted on a dental website today--Dr. - Comments on why referendas don't seem to work - insights to a pro-fluoride "intel" - Another Dr. Bicuspid article on how dental costs are rising IN SPITE of fluoridation (!?!?!Wonder Why?!?!?!) - Portland article of pro and anti fluoride getting together, but notice one commenter's posting about the article....

Article Thumbnail ImageEPA denies fluoridation petition October 9, 2013 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declined a petition to change the source of fluoride in U.S. drinking water.

Referenda 'will not end the battle over fluoridation'

[1. fluoride 2. iodized salt 3. wonder bread are the 3 items this pro-fluoride article covers as "vitamins" helping our health -- you read it and decide]

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Despite Fluoridation, Dental Costs Rise
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Average annual out-of-pocket costs for dental services in the U.S. rose 26% from 1996 to 2010, and more people, especially children, turned to federal programs for dental care, according to a new report.

Science! / Portland / News City Club Bravely Attempts to Bridge Fluoridation Rhetoric Gap

Posted by Denis C. Theriault on Wed, Oct 9, 2013

"...There are good people who believe perfectly the opposite of what we did," volunteer KC Hanson said to some fanfare at the Clean Water Portland party. "As a community, as Portland, we need to come together. I know you guys will..."

From City Club's statement:
“What excited us most about the campaign was the enthusiasm on all sides of the issue for a solution to Portland’s dental health problems,” said Nichole Maher, President Northwest Health Foundation. “After the election it was clear there were many areas in which the anti-side was actually an ally. It just made sense to reach out and combine forces.”
The task force will study the most workable solutions for improving dental health outcomes for children in Multnomah County. It will examine proven community-based strategies that have improved dental health in other cities. Following the findings of the report, the task force will develop a set of recommendations.
"I truly appreciate the willingness to come together, and find a common purpose, in spite of our being on opposite sides of the debate,” said Deutsch. “In the end, we are working toward the same goal, a healthier Portland. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be part of this collaboration."

Environmentalists got outspent three to one from essentially an unlimited swath of difficult to trace corporate cash and passthrough donations and they still get criticized for a relatively small amount of "out of state money" that "fueled the campaign". Good one Denis. The amount of volunteer effort on the CWP campaign was the real fuel and the vast amount of paid "fuel" was local. You should honestly issue a retraction for such misleading propaganda. The largest donor of CWP wasn't able to dwarf the campaign coffers unlike what happened with HKHP, but you act as if it did. Terribly misleading.

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