Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The best TV coverage on fluoridation
and a meeting in Rayleigh, NC tonight

On Nov. 15, 2012, the I-Team at WTVD, a Durham, NC, ABC-TV affiliate dug into the science behind the fluoride controversy and reported that “we found study after study dating back to the 80s from respected academic and scientific institutions that connect fluoride to health dangers."

Government officials claim fluoride chemicals added to water supplies are a safe tooth decay preventive and often dismiss valid negative fluoride findings as “junk science.”
But according to the I-Team investigation “Some of the studies were funded by the government. They suggest fluoride can be linked to brain, blood and bone deficiencies in humans. This past summer, Harvard University released a report after reviewing 27 studies of children in China exposed to fluoride. It concluded the higher the fluoride exposure, the lower the child's IQ.”

At EPA’s request, the US National Research Council (NRC) issued a 2006 report after reviewing fluoride toxicological data and “found fluoride can affect the thyroid gland and potentially lower the intelligence of children,” reports the I-team.

"EPA's drinking water standards are supposed to protect all persons against anticipated adverse health effects of the contaminant in question," explained Kathleen Thiessen [to the I-Team] - one of the scientists who worked on the 400-page study. "And we concluded after three years worth of work that the drinking water standard for fluoride was not protective and cannot be assumed to be safe for humans." 

The EPA was warned about potential fluoride health dangers by one of its own chemists more than a decade ago. Dr. William Hirzy testified before a Senate subcommittee in 2000. He was representing the views of EPA scientists and staff who analyze hazards in the environment.

Hirzy said "In 1997, we voted to oppose fluoridation, and our opposition has grown stronger as more adverse data on the practice has come in.”

Former EPA senior scientist Robert J. Carton, PhD, wrote in a 1993 affidavit that EPA’s 1985 fluoride drinking water standard “is a classic case of political interference with science.”

A new group, Durham Against Fluoride, has been formed to stop fluoridation in Durham, North Carolina. It is led by Corey Sturmer who has dental fluorosis (discolored teeth) caused by fluoride over-ingestion and extensive tooth decay at age 25
Meeting in Raleigh tonight (Dec 4) at 7 pm
In the wake of overwhelming response to WTVD’s investigative story, Durham Against Fluoride is hoping for a big turn-out at the Raleigh City Council meeting at 7 pm today.

The goal: to get North Carolina’s capital city to abandon its 40+-year-old practice of fluoridating the public water supplies.
The place: Municipal Building
222 West Hargett St.
Council Chambers
Raleigh, NC 27601
If you live near Raleigh please attend this meeting. Or if you know anyone who lives in Raleigh please let him or her know that this is happening. That’s 7 pm today!

Paul Connett, PhD, Director of the Fluoride Action Network, Co-author of The Case Against Fluoride

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