Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Portland City Council trying to "Fast-Track" Fluoridation instead of having No Fluoride until the May 2014 referendum voting

December 18, 2012
The following Action Alert was sent out by Clean Water Portland:

Stop the Effort to Fast-Track Fluoridation Once Again!
You’ve likely seen the news: Fluoridation promoters and Randy Leonard are pushing the City Council at their meeting THIS Thursday the 20th to speed up the referendum vote by a full year to May of 2013!
Please ask the City Council to reject the effort to fast track fluoridation once again!
- Call and email the City Council at the contacts below!
- Join us this Thursday 12 pm for a rally at City Hall
followed by public testimony at 2pm!
Instead of a rushed decision, ask the City to support creation of a truly independent scientific review panel that can prepare a report on the current science regarding the health risks of fluoridation and its effectiveness. If the City and fluoridationists are so confident they have science on their side then why not support an independent review that can inform voters of the scientific facts about fluoridation?
We trust the science — but will they?
Tell the City that Portland voters deserve a thoughtful review of current fluoride science conducted by neutral scientists who have not taken a position for or against fluoridation.
Ask them not to thwart the public process once again — 33,000 Portland voters signed the referendum for a May 2014 vote, and the City should respect the will of the people, not take away the time needed for an independent scientific review to take place.
Please be respectful in your comments.
Thanks for your support and we'll see you at the rally and hearing on Thursday!

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