Friday, March 22, 2013

Video - Using high intensity strength training, a former cancer victim gets his pre-cancer fitness back

65-Year-Old Cancer Victim Gets His 30-Year-Old Body Back
March 22, 2013

Story at-a-glance
  • One of my readers shares his personal success story using high intensity strength training, and shares his exercise routine. Now in his mid-60’s, he’s feeling better than ever, and has returned to his pre-cancer fitness level
  • You can turn virtually any exercise into a high intensity exercise, including strength- or weight training. Metabolically speaking, both forms are very similar to each other
  • High intensity strength training makes use of free weights or resistance equipment. You turn your weight training routine into a high intensity routine by slowing down your movements. Guidelines are included
  • Super-slow weight training is ideal for virtually everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, as it actively prevents you from accidentally harming your joints or suffering repetitive use injury

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