Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Watch the below 5 min. video to learn how to silent the negative voice inside that holds all of us back!

The entire world is suffering with this issue, believe it or not! To free your inner positive nature, you need to let go of the negativity that covers it up. How does negativity manifest?

Most people experience a negative inner voice saying things like:

You’re an idiot.
You can’t do that!
You could have…
You should have…
That’s not good enough.
Look at everyone else. They don’t have problems like you.
You are ugly.
You don’t deserve.
You’re missing out.
You’re a loser.
I could go on, but you know what I mean. If you aren’t aware of such a voice, but still feel negative feelings regularly, then listen more closely. It is there, whispering away. You have just taken it for granted so it hasn’t dawned upon your consciousness yet.

My own negative voice says things like:

Who cares? It doesn’t matter – nothing matters. I don’t matter!

When I give this voice power, it is a free ticket to irresponsibility, lack of discipline and feelings of low self-worth.

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