Monday, August 27, 2012

Australian city going to Supreme Court re fluoridated water

If we understand the online article accurately, a town in Australia voted against fluoridating their water,  so the water plant had to build 4 different fluoride-dosing facilities to serve the other cities who buy water from them.  Then the health dept. and the water plant who sells the water to the other cities, somehow were able to issue a legal warning that the city council members, personally and individually, who had voted against fluoride, would be held liable to pay for those 4 facilities--estimated cost is at $2 million!! So one of them is taking it to their Supreme Court -- [if we've misunderstood the article, then please speak up to correct us, but this sounds unbelievable! Sure hope this kind of mentality does not spread, where anti-fluoride people end up being "punished" by being forced to pay out of their own pocket the costs of what it takes to keep the fluoride in the water!!]  And bully-ho for the guy who's taking it to their Supreme Court!!  Read the entire article here:

23 August, 2012 4:50PM AEST

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