Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fluoride's Humorous Turn of Events

UPDATED:  Santa Fe Panel Says No to Fluoride
Aug. 2, 2012

First, the Santa Fe City Council voted fluoride out of their water, and then was told by their city attorney that they'd done it illegally, since there was no public hearing on it first.  They organized a Utilities Committee Panel to study the issue, to comply with the city attorney's instructions, and last night the Panel voted against fluoride, to which the Santa Fe City Council voted in favor of accepting the Panel's recommendation.  August 28 will be the official public hearing and final vote by the city council.

Now check this out!  The Wikipedia page on "Water Fluoridation" has been edited down to one short paragraph.  It's both disturbing how fluoride gets "edited" to contain only the "annointed truth" accepted by the pro-fluoride side, but the below "edited page" also can tickle the funny bone:

Wikipedia:Water fluoridation

"The main Wikipedia page is now protected (no anonymous edits), because too many people were posting evidence contrary to the official narrative that water fluoridation poses no danger. The talk page reveals that citing the academic studies which suggest health risks is currently banned. The page on History of water fluoridation similarly has nothing on the health concerns that lead to its banning in several countries."

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