Thursday, August 9, 2012

What? Fluoride in Organic Farming of Grapes??

Fluoride: The Hidden Poison in the National Organic Standards
By Ellen and Paul Connett, Ph.D.

"...the use of fluoride in organic farming could undermine the public's confidence and safety in organic food - both here and abroad. This will become more obvious as the movement against fluoridation of public water picks up momentum worldwide. As it does more and more people will be asking questions about fluoride levels in their food. Unlike the List of Inerts, fluoride levels in organic food cannot be hidden..."

Kryocide® Advisory on Use of Cryolite to Control Insects on Grapes

"...Over the past few years, some wineries which export to Europe have experienced situations in which the 3 ppm limit was exceeded. Because of this, some wineries have again instituted a prohibition on the use of KRYOCIDE®/cryolite. It is important to note that this prohibition is a business decision based on European O.I.V. policies and NOT EPA actions..."

Is there fluoride in your grapes?

Thursday, August 09, 2012
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"(NaturalNews) Most of the talk concerning fluoride exposure these days centers around the chemical's forced presence in many public water supplies, and how this is causing an epidemic of chronic health problems. But little do many people realize that fluoride exposure is also problematic throughout the food supply, including in fresh food crops that have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides made from fluoride compounds.

"Grape growers in particular have long used a chemical known as cryolite, which also goes by the trade name Kryocide, to deter leaf-eating and other types of pests. This fluoride-based chemical is used on all sorts of food crops, in fact, including on many different fruits and vegetables consumed by millions of people. And because insects have yet to build up a resistance to cryolite, despite its having been in use for at least 50 years, the chemical has become a staple pesticide for many growers.

"Cryolite is very easily absorbed by the crops to which it is applied, which means that people who eat grapes, or who drink wine made from grapes that have been sprayed with cryolite, are inadvertently consuming untold amounts of toxic fluoride. It turns out that cryolite contains aluminofluoride ions that shed fluoride ions, which then pass through the blood-brain barrier and contaminate brain tissue..."

National organic standards permit use of fluoride on organic crops

"...Your best bet is to stick with organic grapes and wines sourced from outside California, whenever possible, or to personally contact individual wineries and grape growers to inquire about whether or not they use cryolite, bone meal, and other high-fluoride treatments on their grapes..."

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