Monday, August 27, 2012

More Fluoride News

Town of Gilbert, AZ voted to add fluoride 12 years ago, and then during their annual water quality report recently, discovered there was "some" fluoride added to the water, but not the usual amount, so they put 2 administrators on leave, the public works director and the water manager, to do an internal investigation.  The public works director's wife led the anti-fluoride group 12 years ago, and that's causing the suspicions, even though the town manager says nobody can tell if it was done intentionally or by mistake.  It "appears" that the fluoride began being withheld from the water 13 months ago, about the same time 3 new city council members were elected, and they have "direct ties to the Tea Party."

Gilbert discovers fluoride withheld from water, puts 2 officials on leave

The city council in Santa Fe, NM, that voted fluoride out of their water is supposed to have a hearing and a vote on it Tuesday, Aug. 28th.  However, the sponsor of the anti-fluoride ordinance is changing his mind!! He's going to introduce a new ordinance tomorrow, one that allows fluoride to be put into the water, and then spend the next 3 years "educating" the public about it, promoting dental health, before taking it back out.  He says he changed his mind after talking to the local and state health dept. officials!!  Read the surprising development here, plus the 2nd article below it claiming that this is a "win for science" --  

Fluoride Removal Can Wait

Fluoride Reversal a Win for Science
August 25, 2012

  • Wichita, Kansas will still have fluoride on the ballot in November
  • Salina, Kansas will now have an anti-fluoride debate this coming Thursday, Aug. 30th, to introduce the idea to the city about removing it from their water 
  • Portland, Oregon has enough city council members to approve fluoride in the water without any verbal or written input from the public, but the Sept. 6th hearing is still scheduled.  However, the anti-fluoride group are deciding to spend the next 2 years gaining the required 30,000+ signatures to overturn the fluoride in their water in 2014.  They could try for 19,000 signatures, but it would have to be done within 30 days of the new fluoride ordinance being approved, which appears to be expected in spite of the hearing and/or vote on Sept. 12th, and they've decided to spend the next 2 years to gain more signatures instead.  

Now, below is a bio of the man behind the anti-fluoride movement in Portland, Oregon, and he used to be pro-fluoride while living in California, but when he moved to Oregon and heard more about it during a fluoride debate to keep it out of the city's water, he was intrigued, saying that because of his bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology, he knew a bit about research methods, and studied the matter very thoroughly on his own.  After learning about the health issues fluoride causes, he became the leading grassroots activist against Portland having fluoride in the 1980's, succeeding in having it removed, and even though he's now retired (drug rehab counselor for the State of Oregon), he's leading the charge for the current battle against fluoride.  He says he doesn't look forward to it because of the infighting that happened last time, but it has be done (includes a video):

Anti-fluoride fight: Portland's Roger Burt on front lines for 34 years

August 23, 2012

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