Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fluoride Battles - Wichita Kansas & Portland, Oregon

Wichita City Council (Ks.) puts fluoride to a public vote

After 32 speakers and pro-fluoride submitted 11,000 petition signatures, the city council was boxed in to either approve adding fluoride...or not...and because most of them felt it was not their place as 7 city councilmembers to make a final decision for a whole town on this issue, especially when the town has already voted it down multiple times, they decided to put it on the November ballot.  Good for them!!

Fluoride hearing set for Portland City Council on Sept. 6, vote Sept. 12


Remember Portland City Council had one person pro-fluoride, Mr. Leonard, even though he's leaving office in 6 months, saying publicly that if the pro-fluoride organization could find others on the city council who would support them, he'd support adding fluoride to the water without any input (debates, hearing, voting, etc.) from the public.  Also remember, it was estimated that it would cost Portland $5 million dollars to build the water facility to take care of fluoride, and take 5 years to complete, although it could be "rushed" to completion in 3 years.

Well, the mayor jumped on board with him, plus one more councilmember, and their public statements brought in 13,000 emails of opposition.  No wonder--here's only ONE example of what they've said:  "But Leonard said he is comfortable acting on a public health issue without a public vote. Historically, Portlanders have voted against fluoridation three times."

The way the article ends, it sounds almost like the anti-fluoride resident don't have a chance to stop what these 3 city officials intend to do>> "The Sept. 6 hearing will be at 2 p.m., Leonard said, with a vote Sept. 12. The ordinance would take effect 30 days later."

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